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2020 - Update Jan 13, 2020


  • Updated widgets to handle new security changes in Safari 13
  • Fixed code generation for PointCentral to merge with existing code if code already exists for guest
  • Fixed error message on Book Now widget when email addresses is bad
  • Updated Account Access page to clarify the different types of access
  • Fixed rate push message to not use "dollars" since it could be other currencies
  • Fixed quote acceptance form to not show Travel Insurance payment if Travel Insurance was deselected
  • Fixed email sending to use user's Verified Sender settings on the "send me a copy" copy
  • Fixed credit card processing to not crash if only a couple digits are entered for the card number
  • Updated surcharges to not show PM commission calculation if the PM gets the entire amount
  • Fixed API help page to use normal error handling
  • Updated Airbnb inquiries to allow marking as answered like direct inquiries
  • Updated email design for some system alerts
  • Added on/off settings for some system alerts
  • Changed system alerts to be sent from help@ so that replies automatically go back to support
  • Added preview for system alerts
  • Updated system alerts to use guest name instead of record number in header (eg. "ORB...")
  • Updated system alerts to use strike-throughs to show what changed on booking change alerts
  • Updated Vrbo API integration code to latest standard
  • Fixed QuickBooks disconnect process to not crash
  • Fixed quote expiration date calculation to factor in correct time zone when showing time from now
  • Updated Airbnb reviews to export and store sub-ratings (eg. cleanliness, communication)
  • Updated guest forms to not show party size if it's 0
  • Fixed image rotation to work for large images

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