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Properties - Photos Overview

OwnerRez allows you to upload and store photos of your Properties into our database.  These photos are used for display in your Hosted Website, if you have one.  They are also sent automatically to your listing channels if you are using an API connection that supports that.

We've created a walk-through video about photos - specifically adding, rearranging, deleting and how they surface on your website, channels and more.  Before reading the rest of this article, watch this first:

Your Property Photos can be manipulated via the Photos side-menu in the Properties area.  You can also automatically import your property listing photos and other information from Airbnb or Vrbo, which will populate the photos into this area.

If you have an image saved as a graphic file on your computer, you can upload it using the "Add Images" button.  You can also cut-and-paste an image from some other graphic program into the "Paste images here" field.

To delete an individual image, click the little [X] button in the upper right corner of that image.  A large white X will appear over the image, indicating that it will be deleted when you click the "Save" button at the very bottom of the page.  You can also select all images to be deleted using the Delete All button.

Mouse-over the (i) icon of an image to see information about the true size of the image.

You can set individual captions for each image by clicking in the caption text field overlay across the bottom of each image, and typing accordingly.  Your changes will be saved when you click the "Save" button at the very bottom of the page.

Common Questions:

What dimensions (proportions such as 6:9) should I be uploading?

We make use of any format and will scale/trim accordingly in the cuts used by the website or channel.  However, a wide format (such as 6:9) gives the best experience, so that is generally preferred.

Should all pictures be wide versus some tall and some wide?

All should be landscape orientation (wide).  Portrait orientation is not supported as such.  The system will attempt to gracefully handle portrait ones via padding and cropping, but they don't usually end up looking as good because of how web page layout design works in Hosted Websites and the various listing sites.

What is the limit on the length of the filename of an image to upload?

OwnerRez has a 192 characters limit on the length of the name of image files that are uploaded.  The photo caption can be up to 256 characters.

When adding pics it does not keep the order of my file names, and then I have to reorder them manually.

Yes, that's true - you may have to drag-and-drop the photos to reorder them when you are finished uploading.  Don't forget to save your changes by clicking the "Save" button at the very bottom of the page.

I tried to add two copies of the same photo, but it wouldn't let me.

Yes, OwnerRez is smart that way.  :-)

If you really really want to have two copies of the same photo in the same list (why?), you'll need to save it as a different supported format and re-upload.  So if it's JPEG, save it as PNG, or vice versa.  OwnerRez won't be able to figure out that the JPEG version and PNG version are really the same picture, so it'll work.