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API Integrations - Technical & Functional Differences

Our Channel Management feature is extremely powerful and can greatly simplify your channel advertising. Learn how it works by reading our Channel Management Overview article.  The most powerful part of our Channel Management is the API Integrations we have with certain channel partners.

However, each API Integrated channel has different requirements and functionality.  While they are mostly the same, in their overall workflow, what you can do varies from channel to channel.

Some channels have limits on who can integrate (based on number of properties) and what kind of data they will push or pull from OwnerRez. See the table below for a list of functions that each API Integrated channel supports.  Look below the table for more information about each function.

Channel Min. Properties Required Property Content Rates Rules Availability Reviews Bookings Credit Cards Guest Info Quotes Inquiries Internal
Vrbo   Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes   Yes No No  
Booking.com 1 No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes   Yes   No No  
TripAdvisor/FlipKey 15   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes No Yes      
Airbnb 1 Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes   No Yes   Yes Yes  
FloridaRentals.com 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes  
Houfy 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes  
HomeToGo 1 Yes Yes   Yes Yes No Yes Yes   Yes No No  

The above functions are mostly self-explanatory but here is more information about each one:

  • Property Content: The descriptions, amenities, photos, location and layout (rooms) of the property are pushed automatically to the channel any time they change in OwnerRez
  • Rates: Rent, fees, discounts and tax amounts are pushed automatically to the channel any time they change in OwnerRez
  • Rules: Minimum night stays, restrictions (pets, max guests), cancellation policy, house rules, etc. are pushed automatically to the channel any time they change in OwnerRez
  • Availability: The active calendar of what is already booked versus open and available in OwnerRez, automatically pushed to the channel when it changes
  • Reviews: Reviews that the guest writes on the channel are pushed to OwnerRez
  • Bookings: Bookings are automatically pushed to OwnerRez for processing (either with or without the guest's credit card)
  • Credit Cards: The channel will pass the guest's credit card to OwnerRez for processing and it will be stored on file with their booking
  • Guest Info: When the booking comes into OwnerRez, it includes the guest's contact information such as the real phone number and email address
  • Quotes: The ability to send a different or custom rate (ie. "special offer") to the guest before they book on the channel
  • Inquiries: Requests or general contact that the guest makes through the channel will be pushed to OwnerRez for response