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Hosted Websites - Common Issues and Questions

This article provides a list of common questions and answers about Hosted Websites that are not covered elsewhere.

Can I use an OwnerRez Hosted Website without using any other OwnerRez features?

OwnerRez Hosted Websites are driven directly from the database that contains your OwnerRez account. It is not possible to keep the website without having an active OwnerRez account.  Since the website is integrated with your calendars, Book Now, property descriptions, etc., it's not clear what the purpose would be of a Hosted Website that didn't have an underlying operational OwnerRez account.

Can I set a favicon for my Hosted Website, that's visible in browser tabs?

Yes! That's under the Settings of your Hosted Website entry:

As noted, favicons must be square, png or ico format, and no more than 500 Kb in size

How do I optimize my Hosted Website for SEO?

All OwnerRez Hosted Websites are designed automatically to be able to be effectively indexed by the major search engines.  It is usually not necessary to perform any special SEO optimization.  It can be helpful to subscribe to various free tools provided by the search engines, such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

If, however, you do want to add additional elements and tags to control and adjust SEO, we allow access to the <HEAD> area of your Hosted Website under Theme & Layout.

How do I generate a sitemap for my website?

No need - OwnerRez generates that for you automatically! It's also automatically included in the robots.txt used by all the standard search engines, so they'll know where to find it.

If you need the direct sitemap link, add /sitemap.xml to the end of your domain. So if your site is acmevacations.com, the sitemap link is:


How do I control the property name that shows on the property page of a multi-property site?

In most places, the hosted website will show the public name of the property configured on the Info tab of each property (or the name if no public name is configured).

On the individual property page, the title will be the public name of the property. If there is a headline set on the Description tab of the property AND that headline is different than the public name, that page will also show a subtitle with the property headline.

I'm adding another property to OwnerRez but I don't want it to appear on my Hosted Website just yet.

You can easily do this under your Hosted Website settings. Click 'Change Settings' and scroll to the bottom of the page. The default is 'All' so you can change it to 'Everything but' or 'Only' and select which property or properties you need to show/hide.