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API Integrations - Vrbo API vs Vrbo non-API

Our API connection with Vrbo is particularly powerful! As a result, there can sometimes be confusion as to what it does and does not do, and how your booking process changes when you go API. This table helps clarify how things work with Vrbo for non-API bookings, versus when the API is active.

  Vrbo API Vrbo non-API
Bookings Bookings are immediately brought over using the API connection. 

Must rely on iCal links that can take 30 minutes to a couple of hours to sync.

Channel Bridge must be used to pull in guest information such as full name, email address, and all financial information.


Channel Bridge used to pull in reviews.

But, optionally, direct-booking reviews collected by OwnerRez can be pushed up to Vrbo for display on your listing there.

Channel Bridge used to pull in reviews.
Rates Automatically sync over from OwnerRez to Vrbo.

Channel Bridge needed to manually push rates from OwnerRez to Vrbo.

(can also setup a dynamic pricing provider to connect directly to Vrbo)

Surcharges/Discounts These will be set inside OwnerRez. They will apply automatically based on the criteria configured. Learn more here. These will need to be setup inside Vrbo.
Property Content Content will be pushed over automatically when changes are made inside OwnerRez. Content cannot be synced to Vrbo. Any changes to the property will need to be made inside Vrbo.
Messaging Communication will be made thru email or using the Vrbo app as you are currently doing today. At present, OwnerRez is not integrated with the Vrbo internal messaging system due to limitations in the Vrbo API. Communication will be made thru email or using the Vrbo app as you are currently doing today.
Payment Processing You will be required to use your own payment processor. This is beneficial so you can get paid a couple of days after the guest pays. You can also place a damage deposit hold on their credit card. And, you're in complete control of all refunds or charges if anything changes. All payments will be handled by Vrbo and you will be paid on their schedule. 
Taxes Taxes will be collected using your payment processor through OwnerRez. You are responsible for remitting those taxes. Vrbo will handle collecting and remitting taxes on your behalf.