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Length of Stay (LOS) Discounts

There are two ways to do weekly or monthly rates. You can create separate weekly/monthly rates (covered in the Rate Engine Bible). That's great for some scenarios, but sometimes it's easier to do a nightly rate and then apply a length of stay discount based on a percentage.

Here's how to add a 7 night length of stay discount:

  1. Go to Settings > Surcharges & Discounts and create one.
  2. Set it to a Discount Type, applied Automatically and enter the description
  3. Under Discount, set it to a Percent type and set the percent discount
  4. Under Criteria in the Booking Fields section, add a Number of Nights is Greater Than or Equal To 7.

A monthly discount is the same, just with a 30 nights criteria:

If you have multiple discounts that match the criteria, all will be applied. So if you have both weekly and monthly discounts, you can either stack them -- i.e. a 10% weekly discount and a 10% monthly discount which means the guest will get 20% total discount. Or you can set exclusion criteria on the weekly so it won't apply for 30 days or longer by adding an additional criteria: