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Rates - Length of Stay (LOS) Discounts

Your standard rates are all nightly rates -- whether via seasonal rates or spot rates. To encourage guests to stay longer, you can create discounts based on Length Of Stay (LOS) such as weekly or monthly discounts based on a percentage.

Here's how to add a 7 night length of stay discount:

  1. Go to Settings > Surcharges & Discounts and create one.
  2. Set it to a Discount Type, applied Automatically and enter the description
  3. Under Discount, set it to a Percent type and set the percent discount
  4. Under Criteria in the Booking Fields section, add a Number of Nights is Greater Than or Equal To 7.

A monthly discount is the same, just with a 30 nights criteria:

If you have multiple discounts that match the criteria, all will be applied. We do not recommend stacking discounts if you offer both weekly and monthly discounts. That works on some channels but not others (such as Airbnb).

Instead, set exclusion criteria on the weekly so it won't apply for 30 days or longer by adding an additional criteria:

Channel Caveats

OwnerRez can push discounts to your connected channels using API and Channel Bridge connections.  However, the different channels handle length-of-stay discounts differently.


Airbnb fully supports length-of-stay discounts.  However, they handle and display them in a confusing manner.

For LOS discounts that apply specifically 7 and 28/30 nights, Airbnb will show them on the "length of stay discounts" area in the Airbnb UI:

For LOS discounts that apply other than to exactly that number of days, Airbnb interprets them as rule sets, and they will only show in the Rule-sets area on the calendar.

Either way, LOS discounts do work in Airbnb; they're just presented differently. Also note that only the largest discount is chosen for a given booking -- multiple LOS discounts will not stack.


LOS discounts are built into the rates presented to the guest.


OwnerRez' Booking.com API connection does not support LOS discounts.  However, you can log into your Booking.com control panel and create a promotion.  This will be applied to bookings as appropriate.