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Listing Site Integration - Custom Sources

Many OwnerRez features allow you to sort and filter by the source of an inquiry or booking - Vrbo, Airbnb, and so on.  But what about if you have a source that isn't listed, such as your own website?

There's an easy solution: you can add your own custom source.  Go to Settings > Custom Sources, and click Add.

A new Custom Source requires just two parameters:

  • The Name that will be displayed in the various dropdowns and selectors (such as My Website)
  • The Domain Name that OwnerRez will use to identify the source (such as mywebsite.com)

Widget Settings

If you are using a Hosted Website, configuring your domain name as a Custom Source is enough to properly identify all inquiries and bookings that come from it.

If you are using OwnerRez Widgets in your own site, however, that may not be sufficient, depending on how your site is coded.  Try the above method first, and if your inquiries and bookings are properly identified, great!

If they aren't, though, you can directly control the identification of each widget.  Go to Settings > Widgets, and for each widget individually, click on it and click "Change".

Scroll down to Options and look for the Listing Site field.  Select the Custom Source you want to identify this widget as being for.  If you don't see the source you want, you probably need to first add it as a Custom Source.

Save your changes.  You do not need to make any changes to the widget code or on the site where your widget is in use - OwnerRez will automatically identify the widget and properly categorize its form data.