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2021 - Update January 25, 2021


  • Updated the PM batch update page to allow updating to non-managed bookings
  • Blocked damage protection from being changed on PM Locked bookings
  • Tweaked hosted website base CSS to help large images and long lines adjust sizing to mobile automatically
  • Fixed issue on registering WP plugin when token is in allow all mode
  • Added WP plugin example short codes
  • Added sorts on triggers grid for Description and When columns
  • Only apply min gap night override if gap is shorter than current min
  • Corrected capturing of Stripe PaymentIntent based secdeps
  • Fixed issue where guests on the new card form, using Stripe, where they weren't able to choose a different card after the first choice failed
  • Ignore 3DS2 tokens from Vrbo if Stripe Connect isn't configured
  • On connection of new Stripe account, default it to active
  • Don't schedule a second secdep on pending confirm if one was already manually scheduled
  • Added paging to availability search widget to speed result display
  • Hid Vrbo QC link if no properties have listings
  • Fixed RemoteLock discount message to refer specifically to their branded locks
  • Enhanced security deposit message in account activity list to reference "hold" and use the correct date formatting
  • Tweaked inquiry answering to block quotes for Vrbo channel inquiries
  • Fixed issue where listing site can't remove from Quote
  • Added auto redirect on hosted from /home to the Home type page
  • Added Canada to phone number search for adding SMS numbers
  • Don't autofocus on account preferences page
  • Don't show third party alerts as sent if there were no third parties configured
  • Showed infants in Airbnb inquiry/quote/booking if they exist
  • Made default hosted URL work for multi-user widgets
  • Considered secdep auths as successful transactions
  • Added Norton Safe validation files
  • Optimized spot rates setting to make it quicker to update many rates at once
  • Upgraded all accounts to new rates model and removed processing fee from all payment methods
  • Corrected Dutch widget translations
  • Fixed type on TI description
  • Corrected discount code display on renter agreement preview during quote acceptance

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