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Processors & Gateways - Plug'n Pay

OwnerRez offers many different payment processing options including the ability to accept credit cards.  However, we are not a credit card processor ourselves.  Instead, we integrate with dozens of industry-standard processors and gateways, so you're free to pick and choose the processor of your choice. OwnerRez will connect with it and happily process your guest's credit cards under the covers.

Plug'n Pay Technologies is an online payment gateway provider that enables merchant accounts to accept credit cards using a secure online environment.

Setup & Connecting Plug'n Pay Payments

OwnerRez connects with Plug'n Pay via your username and a unique "Remote Client" password. You'll need to login to Plug'n Pay to generate a secure Remote Client password and configure security options to allow OwnerRez to create and manage payments. First, follow our standard instructions of finding the payment method in OwnerRez and then click to connect Plug'n Pay option.

Once you've clicked to connect the Plug'n Pay payment method in OwnerRez, you will notice that we ask you for a set of two fields, called "API Credentials", at the top of the page:

These items are provided to you by Plug'n Pay and can be found in the Plug'n Pay Merchant Administration Area. Please follow the following instructions exactly.

  1. Login to the Plug'n Pay Merchant Administration Area
  2. Once logged in, under the Settings section click on Security Administration
  3. Click on the Username/Password Configuration option. Your username will be displayed on this page at the top of the user list. Copy this value into the OwnerRez API Credentials Username field.

  4. Back in Plug'n Pay, click on the Manage Remote Client Password button.
    1. Check the Generate Random Password option and save.
    2. Copy the generated password into the OwnerRez API Credentials Password field.


Reconfigure the Security Options

IMPORTANT! In addition to setting a secure password in Plug'n Pay, it is necessary to reconfigure the security options on your account in order for OwnerRez to execute administrative functions such as Void and Return transactions. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. From the Plug'n Pay Merchant Administration Areaunder the Settings section click on Security Administration.

  2. Click on the Transaction Security Configuration link.
  3. Ensure that the Require Match checkbox is Unchecked under the "Administrative Functions" area (see screenshot below). If it is selected, unselect it, and click "Set Security Requirements" to save.

IMPORTANT! Your account was either setup to automatically batch your transactions daily or for you to manually batch them. To determine whether you have to batch your transactions, enter the Transaction administration area - a line at the top of the page will indicate whether or not you have to batch transactions.

If your account is NOT setup for manual batching, you will not be able to use Security Deposit Holds in OwnerRez. While such holds may appear to work, Plug'n Pay will automatically sweep them into a nightly batch to be settled and captured on your behalf! If you wish to use Security Deposit Holds, you should contact Plug'n Pay support (support@plugnpay.com) and request that your account be placed in "Manual Batch mode."

Common Issues & Questions

"IP Not registered to username" Error

If you are using Plug'n Pay and receive a "IP Not registered to username" error when making, voiding, or refunding a payment, you need to ensure that the Require Match checkbox is Unchecked under the "Administrative Functions" area as noted in #3 in the previous section above.

If you are still having issues with this, please contact Plug ’n Pay support for assistance or reach out to the OwnerRez Help Team.

My Security Deposit Holds are Not Getting Released

This is because your Plug'n Pay account is in the wrong mode.  Contact Plug'n Pay support (support@plugnpay.com) and request that your account be placed in "Manual Batch mode."