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API Integrations - Airbnb Common Issues & Questions

Our Channel Management feature is extremely powerful and can greatly simplify your channel advertising. Learn how it works by reading our Channel Management overview article.  The most powerful part of our Channel Management is the API Integrations we have with certain channel partners like Airbnb.

This article provides a list of common questions and answers for the Airbnb API integration that are not covered elsewhere.  This article assumes you have already connected the Airbnb API to OwnerRez.  If not, do that first.

Questions are added to this page if they are miscellaneous in nature and we have not already answered them in other Airbnb support articles.  Please read the Airbnb overview, connecting and rules & settings support articles for Airbnb before coming to this page as those articles cover many common questions.

Adding a new listing to Airbnb after the API is connected

Adding a new listing to Airbnb is done entirely from the OwnerRez side.  If you haven't already, first create a new property in OwnerRez.  Then open the Airbnb API dashboard (under Settings > Channels > API Integration > click into Airbnb).  Click the Change Property Mappings button.  Next to the new property, click on the drop-down and select "Create New Listing" and select the sync type to the right.  You probably want the "Everything" option.  Then click Save at the bottom. When the page saves, OwnerRez will create a new listing on the Airbnb side and it map it back to your OwnerRez property.  For more information about property mappings, read the "Mapping properties" section on the Setup and Connecting support document.  Make sure to fill out the property content, rates and rules in OwnerRez on your new property so that the new listing on Airbnb is fully fleshed out.  As you fill in property content, OwnerRez will push over that data to Airbnb in real time.

Changing content on the Airbnb side

Once you go API, Airbnb disables (ie. "grays out") the fields on their control panel and you can no longer modify most settings on their side.  This is true for all property content, rates, rules and availability.  OwnerRez becomes the master record for all information so the channel turns off the ability for you to edit that directly and only communicates with OwnerRez for changes.  There are a few select settings that still can be changed on the Airbnb side because they are not available to be set in OwnerRez (eg. tax collection).  If you don't know how to set something on the OwnerRez side, please read our rules & settings article or ask us.

Can I take credit cards payments myself like other APIs allow?

No.  Airbnb does not allow this and will still be the merchant of record for all payments even after you go API.  We discuss this in more detail on the overview article and functional comparisons article.

Collecting and remitting taxes

Airbnb will continue to collect and remit taxes for your listings if that's what you had set in Airbnb before going API.  This is the default behavior and it will continue to work after you go API.

However, Airbnb allows you to turn this off and do "pass through" taxes which means that Airbnb will collect the tax from the guest but then pass that money through to you to remit to the tax authority.  You can find this setting on the "Local Taxes and Laws" tab in Airbnb under the listing.  From there, select the "Custom" collection option and then add taxes below that.

How do resolution requests work?

The API integration does not support resolution requests.  This is a limitation of the API - Airbnb does not have a way of pushing the content to OwnerRez.  They are working on supporting this and we anticipate adding this in the future.

However, you can still create resolution requests on Airbnb and the same process will continue to work.  The resolution simply will not push into OwnerRez automatically.  You have to manually change the charges and payments on the booking in OwnerRez to reflect what you collected or paid out.

There are no payments showing on new bookings

One thing you will notice is that payments (or payouts) do not show on bookings in OwnerRez.  This is a limitation of the Airbnb API - they do not push payouts to our system.  Airbnb is working on adding this and we anticipate supporting this in the future.  To be clear, the booking charges are created automatically but the booking will show that the guest owes the entire amount since no payments were recorded, and that will not change automatically.

To get around this problem, use our Channel Bridge tool to find and download payments from Airbnb and import them into OwnerRez.  Channel Bridge will continue to work even after you go API.

Changing booking dates

You cannot change the booking dates (ie. arrival, departure) in OwnerRez.  Even after going API, the dates must be changed from the Airbnb side in the same way you did it before going API.

Find the booking in Airbnb and click the option to make changes or alterations.  Click the "Change Reservation" option.

After the alteration page loads, change the dates first and then set the new price (if the price needs to also change).  The price may automatically change after you change the dates, so make sure to change the dates first before fixing the price.

Once you have the new dates and price entered, click Continue and Airbnb will send a request to the guest to confirm on their side.  The guest has to approve it in order for the booking to actually change.  Once the guest approves it, the change will push into OwnerRez automatically.

Is it still necessary to run Channel Bridge on bookings?

Yes, because payment data is not pushed to OwnerRez by Airbnb automatically.  The charges are automatically created, but payments are not.  If you leave the API bookings in their default state, they will all show that the guest has an open balance because no payments were recorded.  Running Channel Bridge will find and download the payouts in Airbnb.