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Change Log

2020 - Update November 23, 2020


  • Added import button on PM > Expenses page to direct to Excel Expenses Import
  • Added booking lease merge field codes: BULEASESIGNL, BULEASESIGNF, BULEASESIGNLIST
  • Fixed Dutch word for "For" in widget translations
  • Allowed import smaller vertical images from Vrbo
  • Capped rate table calculation minimum at 31 days in the past
  • Skipped pending emails for bookings at disabled/deleted properties and closed/locked users
  • Skipped payment/secdep reminders for bookings at disabled/deleted properties
  • Cleared payment methods when disabling a property
  • Fixed issue with Stripe secdep capture
  • Fixed issue with exporting CC processing history report to CSV
  • Added ORB on booking header in mobile view
  • Ignored $0 charges when returning to TripAdvisor Real Time Rates
  • Showed theme company name on reviews widget if applicable
  • Fixed issue when creating a quote on guest conversation sidebar when the source is another quote
  • Fixed search widget issue when linked to disabled tab groups
  • Applied night/week display rules to xs size on rates widget
  • Fixed loading holidays to only load those for the accessible properties (portal calendar and widgets)
  • Fixed access issue with Airbnb rate/listing import and channel tester
  • Switched Vrbo inquiries to store proxy emails directly on the inquiry vs. as a guest email address
  • Overrode suitability events for Airbnb to NO since they don't currently support events at all
  • Opened up SMS option to everyone
  • Added trending view for Feature Requests forum

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