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Property Management - Common Issues & Questions

Our Property Management feature allows you to track expenses and calculate commission/earnings for owners that you manage on behalf of. Read about it in our our Property Management Overview article.

This article provides a list of common questions and answers about Property Management that are not covered elsewhere.

Owner amount graph shown in the Portal Access dashboard

That graph that is shown to the owner inside their Portal Access dashboard uses the Owner Amount figure that is calculated on each booking.  But it's prorated to use the number of nights of the Booking that are within the month being shown.  This means that for a Booking that stretches across two months, the numbers displayed will not be the same as what is visible in the Booking Charges tab.

Here is an example of what the graph looks like to owners:

In each month column, the total amount shown is the sum of all Bookings that occurred during that month. If the amount does not match your records, please remember the following:

  • Bookings that overlap the month are prorated for the number of days within the month period.  In the above example, a October-November booking (i.e. arrive in October, leave in November) would only partially be reflected in each of the October and November columns.
  • Future months will only show payments that have been recorded.  Some channel bookings may not remit payments until a future date, which would change what is currently shown.
  • The Owner Amount number is what is used, not the total charges or gross amounts that you see elsewhere on the booking.  The Owner Amount is the total remittance the owner will have gotten for the booking.  Check the PM tab under each booking to see what that amount is.

How do I update bookings after changing expense or commission settings?

When you change settings on a surcharge or owner, that won't automatically update all of the existing bookings. This is because sometimes you make changes over time and you don't want to update to existing bookings. If you have a $50 cleaning expense now and its going up to $70 for bookings arriving next year, you don't want to make the change on all of the old bookings.

Instead, we have a batch update tool where you can update bookings to use the current settings. Go to PM > Batch Update. If you've already got bookings connected to an owner, pick "Update all bookings whether already managed or not" and target the stay dates and properties that need to be updated. This will update all of those bookings to use the current expense settings on surcharges and also settings on the owner.

NOTE: this may take a long time since you've got a lot of bookings, sometimes 10 or 20 minutes. Just hit the button once and let it spin, don't try again.

If you've already created a statement for these bookings that needs to be corrected to the new settings, go to the statement and delete it and then create (or preview) a new one. Statements are static once created and never change based on settings updates.

Why aren't bookings showing on the owner statement?

It's important to understand how owner statement generation works and why bookings are (or are not) included.  There are several things the system looks at when including or excluding bookings.

If you're wondering why a booking is missing, ask yourself the following:

  • Does the booking have PM turned on?  If you recently enabled the PM feature at large, there may be pre-existing bookings that do not have PM turned on at the booking level.  By default, pre-existing bookings do not have PM turned on automatically if they were created prior to PM being turned on.  This is a safety precaution to stop hundreds of old bookings from being picked up on new statements.  You can go to any booking, click the PM tab on the far right and change it to turn PM on or off for that booking only.  You can also use the Batch Update under the PM menu to turn on bookings in bulk.
  • Does the booking's stay dates (arrival, departure) match the selected criteria for the statement?  When generating the statement, you can select all bookings, only bookings up to the statement date or a specific range of bookings.  The booking's arrival or departure may be outside the statement criteria.
  • Does the booking have any charges?  If there are no line items, no earnings will have been calculated for the owner.
  • Does the booking have any payments recorded?  Even if there are charges on the booking, the system checks to make sure that payments have been made.  If there are no payments, the system assumes you have not been paid and excludes the booking from the statement.  After all, you don't want to remit money to the owner if the guest hasn't actually paid you yet.  NOTE: Airbnb and other channels sometimes don't show payout right away which lead to bookings not having payments entered.
  • Are the payments inside the statement period or future-dated?  Even if payment are entered, the system will exclude the booking if the payments are future-dated.  This is a safeguard in case you recorded a payment for the future but haven't actually received the money yet.  This is common with channels like TripAdvisor or Airbnb that have future payouts recorded.  If the statement is for January, but the payments are recorded as being in February or March, the January statement will not include the booking because you haven't actually been paid yet.  When Februrary or March rolls around, those statements will pick up the booking from January.
  • Has the booking already been remitted as much as it can?  Remittance is tracked on every booking in addition to the commission and earning numbers.  The system notices what was already remitted in the past.  The missing booking may have already been picked up on a past statement and so there is no open remittance balance to include on the current statement you are working on.
  • Is it actually a booking or a blocked-off time?  Only bookings can be included on owner or PM statements.  Blocked-off times do not generate any commission or earning numbers.
  • Did you specifically exclude that booking when previewing the statement?  When previewing statements, there is a checkbox next to each row and the ability to exclude bookings manually.  If you're previewing a statement, make sure you didn't exclude some bookings by accident.

The vast majority of the time, if a booking isn't showing up on a statement, one of the above issues is the problem.

Why are cancelled bookings still showing up on the statement?

The fact that a booking is cancelled does not automatically exclude it from statements.  Cancelled bookings may still show up on statements if they have an open remittance balance.  There are scenarios in which a cancelled booking will still pay out money to the owner.  For instance, the guest may have forfeited 50% of the booking when cancelling which means commission and earnings are still be calculated and paid out

If you want a cancelled booking to not show up on a statement, you need to fix the financial amounts on the booking.  Go to the booking's charges and payments and correct it for what was actually kept or charged to the guest, and what was actually paid or refunded back to the guest.  For instance, if you refunded 100% of the booking, remove all the charges or negate each line item with a negative amount so that the total amount is zero.  Then go to the transactions and record whatever refund you sent back so that the guest balance is also zero.  This will correct the commission and earnings that are calculated for the booking and the statement will adjust accordingly.

My contract with one owner calls for different commission percentages for his different properties, can I do that?

Sure!  You can set the commission on the property configuration page.  Go to PM > Configuration and note that each property can have its own commission settings, even if it's the same owner.

How do I see an owner's escrow balance?

We currently do not have a standalone report for showing owner balances.  However, you can generate a preview statement for all future dates to see that. So go to Owner Statements > Create > select the owner and select all future dates under booking options > then click Preview option. This would generate a full report of unremitted future money being held.

Airbnb and other channel bookings are excluding fee amount when calculating commission

You might notice that the commission seems slightly lower than it should on some bookings, particularly those that come through a channel.  And if you study the Net for Commission amount on those bookings, you'll notice that the difference is exactly equal to the channel fee (or host fee) that is recorded on the booking.

This is because OwnerRez, by default, removes the fee amount when calculating commission to "give back" that portion of the commission to the owner.  Consider a $1,000 booking that has a $50 channel fee and no taxes.  Your agreement with the owner gives you 10% commission on the booking.  Since the booking in this case is $1,000, that means your commission is $100, right?  Actually no, because the channel charged $50 as a fee, so the booking total was only $950 making your commission $95.

If you dislike this calculation model, you can change it so that the commission is charged on the gross and not deducted from the fee.  To do that, go to the booking > Transactions tab > scroll down to the Fees area and click on the channel fee.  You'll see a window open with some settings.  Change the bottom one to "Don't deduct commission (calculate on gross)" and save.

This will instantly recalculate the commission breakdown on the booking.  If you go to the booking's PM tab, you'll see this.  If the booking was already remitted to the owner, the next owner statement will pick up the change.  Or you can delete the statement and re-run it.

To make sure all future channel fees do the same thing, go to the owner record under the global PM area and set the channel fees to never deduct commission from fees.  Remember that changing global settings will not update pre-existing bookings.  Those have to be done on a booking by booking basis or by using the PM > Batch tools.