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Property Management - Common Issues & Questions

Our Property Management feature allows you to track expenses and calculate commission/earnings for owners that you manage on behalf of. Read about it in our our Property Management Overview article.

This article provides a list of common questions and answers about Property Management that are not covered elsewhere.

Owner amount graph shown in the Portal Access dashboard

That graph that is shown to the owner inside their Portal Access dashboard uses the Owner Amount figure that is calculated on each booking.  But it's prorated to use the number of nights of the Booking that are within the month being shown.  This means that for a Booking that stretches across two months, the numbers displayed will not be the same as what is visible in the Booking Charges tab.

Here is an example of what the graph looks like to owners:

In each month column, the total amount shown is the sum of all Bookings that occurred during that month. If the amount does not match your records, please remember the following:

  • Bookings that overlap the month are prorated for the number of days within the month period.  In the above example, a October-November booking (i.e. arrive in October, leave in November) would only partially be reflected in each of the October and November columns.
  • Future months will only show payments that have been recorded.  Some channel bookings may not remit payments until a future date, which would change what is currently shown.
  • The Owner Amount number is what is used, not the total charges or gross amounts that you see elsewhere on the booking.  The Owner Amount is the total remittance the owner will have gotten for the booking.  Check the PM tab under each booking to see what that amount is.

How do I update bookings after changing expense or commission settings?

When you change settings on a surcharge or owner, that won't automatically update all of the existing bookings. This is because sometimes you make changes over time and you don't want to update to existing bookings. If you have a $50 cleaning expense now and its going up to $70 for bookings arriving next year, you don't want to make the change on all of the old bookings.

Instead, we have a batch update tool where you can update bookings to use the current settings. Go to PM > Batch Update. If you've already got bookings connected to an owner, pick "Update all bookings whether already managed or not" and target the stay dates and properties that need to be updated. This will update all of those bookings to use the current expense settings on surcharges and also settings on the owner.

NOTE: this may take a long time since you've got a lot of bookings, sometimes 10 or 20 minutes. Just hit the button once and let it spin, don't try again.

If you've already created a statement for these bookings that needs to be corrected to the new settings, go to the statement and delete it and then create (or preview) a new one. Statements are static once created and never change based on settings updates.