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QuickBooks - Product or Service Item Mapping

A common misunderstanding with QuickBooks is that invoice line items are associated with accounts from the Chart of Accounts.  This is because the items that typically show in the drop-down on invoice line items look like income or expense accounts.

In fact, they are related, so it's a rational assumption - but they are related indirectly.  There's another step in between that's required.

There is a list of items in QuickBooks called "Product or Service Items".  These items are what all invoice line items are linked to, not your income/expense accounts.  And this list of Product or Service Items is what our QuickBooks Integration uses when mapping rent, surcharges and taxes from booking charges to your invoices.

To find the list of Product or Service Items in QuickBooks, click the top right Gear button.  There should be a Products or Service Items option in there:

If it doesn't show there, click on All Lists and it will be in there.

After clicking in, you'll see your Product or Service Items list. This is what QuickBooks associates line items to on invoices. Often, they look the same as "income" accounts in your Chart of Accounts, but they are technically separate.

If you click Edit on one of them, to drill in, it will open in the right sidebar and you'll see what Income/Expense account they are linked to.  Notice that the name of the item itself (at the top) may be the same as the income/expense account that it's linked to at the bottom.  Regardless, they are two different settings - the name does not have to be the same.

Please also note that "Categories" in the Product or Services Items list cannot be used. You may not see these, as only some QB accounts use them.

When you've made your changes in QB, make sure to Refresh References on the OwnerRez side. This updates our QB Settings area is updated to the newly changed references list from your QB account.