Built by owners, for owners.

Getting to your booking area

As soon as you login to OwnerRez, you are immediately presented with your bookings.  If you are already logged into OwnerRez, click the top Bookings menu to go to the same place.  This can be though of as the bookings "overview" or "home" page.

Depending on your settings, you may see a ribbon, calendar or list view (which you can change at the top right), but your bookings are all there with nowhere else to click.

Play with the type ribbon, calendar or list view to see how they work and find what you're looking for. The list view is a grid with several filter/sort options.  If you don't see bookings there, try changing the Arrival Date column so that the filter is "Any Time" instead of "In The Future".

If you're created something but don't see it in the bookings, it's possible that you were responding to an inquiry or creating a quote.  To see those, visit the Quotes or Inquiries menus.