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API Integrations - Rate & Fee Differences

Our Channel Management feature is extremely powerful and can greatly simplify your channel advertising. Learn how it works by reading our Channel Management Overview article.  The most powerful part of our Channel Management is the API Integrations we have with certain channel partners.

However, each API Integrated channel has different sorts of rates and fees that they accept. Every channel supports nightly rates, but some also support additional fees, length of stay discounts, etc.

See the table below for a list of rates/fees that we can push to each API integrated channel. Note the info bubbles on some channels -- some things we can't push but can be configured on the channel side. Look below the table for more information about each function.

Channel Rate Discounts Fees Taxes
Nightly Week/Month Last Minute LOS Guests Cleaning Pets Other
HomeAway & VRBO Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Airbnb Yes No Yes   Yes Yes Yes No Yes   Yes  
Booking.com Yes No   Yes   No   Yes No   No No   No  
TripAdvisor Yes Yes Yes   No   Yes Yes No No Yes
CanadaStays Yes Yes Yes   No   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
FloridaRentals.com Yes Yes FloridaRentals displays rates to the guest, but you'll get a normal OwnerRez inquiry and you will create an OwnerRez quote with full charges calculated out of OwnerRez.