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2021 - Update June 1, 2021


Product Update Blog Post

  • Fixed issue where SDRELAMT was rendering using date format rather than number
  • Fixed issue with button URL encoding
  • Removed secdep auto release on booking cancellation
  • Added note about next SD attempt on fail message
  • Fixed issue where validation errors weren't shown on guest new card form
  • Fixed issue where CRM shows unread messages, but there aren't any.
  • Fixed issue where inquiries from .com.au domains are not matched correctly with listing sites
  • Autocreate custom source on booking widget inquiry/booking if a referrer exists with no matching source
  • Updated PointCentral API endpoints
  • Cut a smaller Bambora logo
  • Added Other as a payment type
  • Added Chargeback as a refund type
  • Removed non numeric from card number on internal card forms before validating
  • Split Airbnb reservation response buttons to separate accept/deny buttons
  • Rewrote inquiry instructions to recommend the oru address
  • On door locks, show link and pop-over card for list of properties next to each door
  • Added delayed and manual generation options on door locks
  • Added code generation option on door locks so you can generate from lock or (for locks that support setting codes) by last N digits of phone, or by N random digits
  • Added option to send guest contact info to integrated locks
  • Added option to lock batch update to retain existing code
  • Added option to display generated lock codes with dash separators to break up long codes
  • Handled Kaba 30+ day codes better
  • Handled case where property is disabled with an owner
  • Added support for Air's wifi network+password fields
  • Added PDISPNAME field to be controlled by preferences, while PNAME now always just shows name
  • Fixed issue where BULEASESIGNF was not displaying correctly in some renter agreement signed trigger events
  • Fixed issue with long embedded numbers in property names
  • Fixed issue where searching for bookings that sent an email template timed out