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ProConnect Setup - Overview

Many users prefer to setup their own OwnerRez accounts themselves, using our support documents and videos as well as our help desk at help@ownerreservations.com.

However, some users would rather have assistance with setting up their account. That is an option we provide through our ProConnect service (formerly Concierge Setup). Our Customer Success Engineers are available to work with you through the account setup process. 

With ProConnect, we do a full end to end review of your account and work with you on all aspects including items like website, branding, email templates, renter agreements and API connections. The primary focus is to make sure your properties are setup completely and accurately in terms of content (descriptions, photos, amenities, etc), rates and rules, and then to make sure your properties are synced to channels correctly.

Our ProConnect team will work with you on all areas of your account, some of which include:

  • Property Listings
  • Calendar Syncing
  • Rates and Rules
  • Surcharges & Discounts
  • Taxes
  • Customized Cancellation Policy
  • Importing Booking Data (ie. Channel Bridge)
  • Migrating other Direct Bookings
  • Personalized Theming
  • Renter/Legal Agreements
  • Email - Templates and Triggers
  • Website and Widgets
  • API Integrations

Please note - the ProConnect service cannot succeed without your involvement. A number of the steps require you to access personal information not available to your Customer Success Engineer. In addition, only you can determine your business rules and policies and we are here to assist you with implementing those.

The more properties you have, the lower the fee is per property.  The minimum fee is $500.00 which covers up to 2 properties.  Here is the full pricing table that is used to calculate invoices:

Number of Properties Fee Calculated
First 2 properties $500 total
Properties 3 - 9 $150 each property
Properties 10+ $100 each property

ProConnect is only available for all your existing properties you own or manage - you can't just pay for one if you have 5. Of course, once your account setup is complete, you are free to add your own properties as you grow - in fact we hope you do!

Note that ProConnect is a premium service, but it is NOT an express service, and is normally completed in 3 - 6 weeks. We provide up to a maximum of 45 days to complete the process. To be successful, this process requires your regular involvement to ensure we have all the data required. Similarly, this is not a service which remains available for months at a time. It is our goal to get your account up and running as quickly as possible. 

Please follow this link to see Common Issues and Questions about ProConnect.