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ProServices - ProConnect

This support article is under construction 👷

Please pardon the incompleteness while we work on this. We have made the article visible in the meantime because the content may be useful.

Many OwnerRez users prefer to set up their account, using our support documents and videos as well as our help desk at help@ownerreservations.com.

However, some users would rather have assistance setting up their account. The ProConnect Service, with your assistance, provides end-to-end setup and review of your account with OwnerRez's own Customer Success Engineers ensuring that your properties are set up completely and accurately including descriptions, photos, amenities, etc., and correctly synced to any API connected listing channels.

ProConnect Service Pricing

ProConnect Service clients may choose to add-on the ProTransfer Service for an additional $150 for first 2 properties, $50 per property for properties 3-9 and then $25 per property for each additional property.

Number of Properties ProConnect Only ProConnect + ProTransfer
First 2 properties $500 total $650 total
Properties 3 - 9 $150 each property $200 each property
Properties 10+ $100 each property $125 each property

ProConnect Service Timeline and Involvement

While the ProConnect Service is a premium service, it is NOT an express service and is expected to be completed in 3 - 6 weeks. We provide up to a maximum of 45 days to complete the process. To be successful, this process requires your regular involvement to ensure we have all the data required. Similarly, this is not a service that remains available for months at a time. It is our goal to get your account up and running as quickly as possible. 

The ProConnect Service cannot succeed without your involvement and a number of the steps will require you, the OwnerRez user, to access personal information not available to your Customer Success Engineer. In addition, only you can determine your business rules and policies and we are here to assist you with implementing those.

ProConnect Service Checklist


  • User has sent all property names
    • Street Addresses
    • VRBO/Airbnb listing #'s
  • Identifier mappings have been set for all properties
  • Content has been imported from Vrbo or Airbnb
  • All properties have been created
  • Description, amenities, photos eyeballed for errors or empty content
  • Check-in/Out times and Time zone set
  • Remove sleeps overrides if imported from Vrbo or Airbnb (if User wishes to display Max guest rather than a range, set Sleeps (min) and Sleeps (max) on Property General Info page to the same number (the maximum)
  • Beds and baths reviewed to tell user about empty content or mismatching numbers

Calendar Syncing

  • User has sent all calendar export links from Vrbo/Airbnb
  • All calendar export links have been created as imports in OwnerRez with "Import Events" set to "Bookings Only".

Rates and Rules

  • User has sent rates or given us permission to import from a channel
    • Spot rates have been imported from Vrbo or Airbnb or they don't use spot rates
    • Seasons and seasonal rates have been created or they don't use seasonal rates
  • Surcharges and discounts have been created for cleaning fee, pet fee, credit card fee, extra guest fee and anything else User requires
  • Rules have been configured and confirmed for age of primary renter, children/pets allowed, max guests
  • Minimum and maximum nights allowed have been set
  • Booking Window and Changeover Restrictions have been set
  • Cancellation policy has been written and confirmed in Properties > Rules and Properties > Channel Rules if applicable
  • Security deposit has been figured out and set (actual refundable damage deposit via Surcharge or hold via credit card)
  • Damage Protection has been turned on and set at the amount they want per property, or they don't want it (and Surcharge created if charging guest)
  • Taxes have been configured properly with each tax type (state, county, city) broken out individually. If channel (eg. Airbnb) collects and remits it, then "everything but Airbnb" is set on the tax

Importing Booking Data for Calendar-Imported Bookings (ie. Channel Bridge)

  • User has downloaded Channel Bridge Application
  • User has sent Channel Bridge files from Vrbo/Airbnb with all historical bookings
  • Bookings have been imported, no problems left to discuss
  • User has sent Channel Bridge files from Vrbo/Airbnb with all historical reviews
  • Reviews have been imported, no problems left to discuss

Logo and Branding

  • User has sent over logo and logo has been uploaded to account profile
  • User has sent over Facebook page URL and Facebook page has been added to account profile
  • Website URL and business phone have been set on the account profile
  • Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and/or Instagram have been entered on Profile page
  • Default themes have been put in place - if no Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram, those have been removed from theming and OwnerRez Hosted Website

Renter Agreement

  • User has sent over their renter agreement, or they don't have one and are going with ours
  • All Custom Fields have been created to replace variable content in User's Rental Agreement
  • A renter agreement has been created and the user's content and custom fields merged in
  • Final Rental Agreement has been carefully reviewed for formatting, all "fill in the blank" items have been removed and replaced with custom fields, all property/booking related variables (property name, guest name, etc.) have been replaced with field codes.
  • The default "Request RA for channel bookings" template
  • Trigger for default "Request RA for Channel bookings" has been set trigger

Email, Templates and Triggers

  • If client is using Airbnb, confirm client has selected the "Opt In" feature to use Airbnb email address
  • User has sent over their custom email messages and instructions for when to send them
  • Custom email templates and triggers have been created for User emails
  • User has been emailed summary and reminded to update channel House Rules for the RA signing
  • Discussed Verified Email with client, and set up if possible

Migrating Other Direct Bookings

  • User has been sent the OwnerRez spreadsheets to provide us with Booking, Charges and Payment Info
  • User has provided a spreadsheet with existing bookings
  • All non-Airbnb bookings have been imported (along with charges & payments if provided)
  • All Airbnb bookings have been reviewed to assure there is no conflict with existing records and have been imported (along with charges & payments if provided)

Payment Methods

  • Verify that the client has Credit Card Processor in place or Does Not Plan to Take Credit Cards

Website and Widgets

  • Widgets in Place on External Website
  • Custom Source Added for all Personal Websites

API Integrations

  • Listing Quality Analyzer run before integrating
  • House Rules in Place Including "Guest Must Sign Rental Agreement" and "Security Deposit Required Up To $xxx"
  • Verify Cancellation Policy is "Custom: Use the OwnerRez" or is "No Refund" or, with Airbnb, is what the client prefers
  • For Vrbo, Security Deposit has been set to "Don't show in Vrbo guest charges."
  • Misc listing channels have been integrated (Houfy, Booking.com, etc.)
  • Property Listings
  • Calendar Syncing
  • Rates and Rules
  • Surcharges & Discounts
  • Taxes
  • Customized Cancellation Policy
  • Importing Booking Data (ie. Channel Bridge)
  • Migrating other Direct Bookings
  • Personalized Theming
  • Renter/Legal Agreements
  • Email - Templates and Triggers
  • Website and Widgets
  • API Integrations