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Configuring travel insurance settings

You can configure travel insurance for each of your properties in OwnerRez.  For each property, you can specify if you want to offer it or not.

Go to Settings > Travel Insurance to get started.  You'll see a list of your properties with an option next to each one.

Set the option that you want for that property and then click the Save button.  The options are as follows:

  • Disabled - travel insurance will be turned off completely, and nothing is ever shown or offered to the guest
  • Enabled - an option to buy travel insurance will be shown on the quote, deselected, and the guest can select it if they choose

  • Selected - same as enabled, but the option is selected by default when the quote loads, and the guest can deselect it if they choose

  • Required - travel insurance is automatically added to the quote, and the guest cannot deselect or remove it

'Enabled' is typically the setting that most users want to use.

Travel insurance is always paid separately by the guest.  Even if you set it as required, so that it shows on the quote, or the guest selects it during the quote acceptance process, it will not be paid for via your merchant account and the guest's billing info is passed securely to the travel insurance carrier for processing.

There is nothing you need to do, as an OwnerRez user, to fulfill or take care of the travel insurance process.  After the guest has selected and paid for travel insurance, they are sent policy information from the insurance carrier and OwnerRez with everything they need.  If they need to make a claim, that is handled by the insurance carrier directly.  Any refunds for trip cancellation are sent by the insurance carrier.

Common Concerns:

  • Travel Insurance can be used for any property worldwide, however the insured person (the guest) must be a US resident.
  • If the guest makes a booking and purchases travel insurance, and then changes the dates of the booking, the travel insurance should transfer to the new dates.  However, OwnerRez does not have the ability to communicate the new date information to Travel Guard/AIG.  So, the guest needs to call the phone number in their policy and let them know, just to make sure.