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Processors & Gateways - Converge

In order to use your Converge (sometimes called Elavon) gateway account with OwnerRez, there are a set of API credentials that Converge will send you and you will need to enter in OwnerRez.

Because of various corporate mergers, the Converge/Elavon control panel is not always the same for every account.  So yours may not look identical to our screenshots, or necessarily need exactly all of the steps describe here.  You may have to do a bit of trial-and-error with the suggestions and error handling on this page to get it to work, but don't despair!  There's always a way to do it, it just may require a bit of poking around.

General Setup

Once you've added the Converge payment method in OwnerRez, you will notice that we ask you for a set of three fields, called "API Credentials", at the top of the page:

  • ssl_merchant_id
  • ssl_user_id
  • ssl_pin

These items are provided to you by Converge. You can also find them in your converge account by following these steps:

1. Go to https://www.convergepay.com and login with your account credentials.

2. In the upper right you will find the ssl_merchant_id.

3. Next click Employees.

4. Then click on the Employee ID labeled webpage (this could also be labeled api or apiuser).

5. From there you'll need to click on Show Pin.

6. Now you'll see the ssl_pin and the ssl_user_id. Copy and paste them into OwnerRez.

Remove Required Fields

Converge allows you to set required fields across the integration. OwnerRez sends card info but does not send all of the contact info fields, so if they are set required in the Converge gateway settings, that can cause an issue. To fix this, login to the Converge virtual terminal which should be at the following URL:


Go to the Settings > Payment Fields section:

Under the Billing Address section, make sure that only Address 1 and Postal Code are required and the rest of the fields are set to not required. To do this click the edit button next to Address 1 and Postal Code:

Then check Required Field and click Update. Do this for Address 1 and Postal Code:

Potential Errors

All Converge account should automatically be set up in eCommerce mode. If you run into an error stating that your account is in Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) mode, contact Converge at this number 1-800-377-3962 (option 2, option 2) and ask them to switch your account to eCommerce mode. Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) mode will not work - our attempts to make charges will be denied, and OwnerRez will throw an error like this:

Note that there are other configuration issues at the Converge end which can cause the same error, such as "API/post type transactions" or ""auth only transactions" being turned off / disabled and needing to be turned on / enabled.

If you encounter an IP address error, you'll need to need to contact Converge and give them these OwnerRez IP addresses:

Test, Test, Test

To really completely test your integration, please do a test transaction using a real credit card.  There is no better way of testing your API Credentials then running a real credit card.  To do that, create a manual booking, collect a payment using your personal credit and a small amount (say $5).  Once it goes through, use the Void & Delete option on the payment to void the credit card payment.  Then cancel or delete the booking.  That will tell you definitively that everything is good to go.