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Hosted Websites Overview

Hosted Websites was released in January 2017. You can enable it in your account at any time.

An example (live) hosted site: http://www.shenrent.com:

Setting Up

Steps to get a new hosted website set up:

  1. Fill the Location, Description, Amenities, and Photos tabs of each property. That is what fills the website with property info.
  2. Go to Hosted Sites in Settings, turn on the feature. It'll lead you right into adding a site. Name it and select whether it should show a single property or multiple properties.
  3. You're done! You've now got a site set up at a test location on our servers.

Once the site has been created, you can customize, add content and custom pages, etc.  We created a special video to help you customize your header area (menu, logo, etc) so give that a look here:

The main page content on the site will be filled from your property info, descriptions, photos, etc. If you drill into each page, you'll be able to add additional content around the predefined sections, and customize settings for the included calendars, book now sections, etc.

If you've got a logo set in your profile, this will be used to brand your site, as well as any other business information you enter there.

You can hook up Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking Pixel to see what guests do on your site.

Going Live

Your site will start with a test location on our hosted OwnerRez domain. When you're ready to go live, connect your domain to the OwnerRez servers by following the instructions in our Going Live with Hosted Websites article.