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2020 - Update December 21, 2020


  • Added rent only discount/surcharge option
  • Updated season calculation for rent only and per night surcharges and discounts to only apply to nights of the booking that match the season criteria, rather than the entire booking
  • Changed holiday multiplier to booking field criteria "contains a holiday"
  • Added not taxed rent option in Rate Settings
  • Added preview of charges while moving booking or recalculating
  • Added WordPress shortcode generator
  • Added button to reset WordPress cache
  • Show PSiGate payment method name properly
  • Added form messages for remaining forms (booking legal agreement, booking travel insurance)
  • Clarified cancellation fee wording
  • Fixed issue where property warehouses didn't update when duplicating properties
  • Fixed issue where guest conversation thread was still showing deleted quotes and inquiries
  • Added shortcut button on inquiry to create quote and send it in one click
  • Added support for Igloo locks through RemoteLock
  • Don't send booking confirmation for channel bookings that are added in a canceled status
  • Removed HTML entities from Airbnb guest names and handle new ones going forward
  • Included Airbnb canceled date in Channel Bridge booking download
  • Skip Vrbo errored bookings that aren't really bookings on Channel Bridge booking download
  • Fixed rate calendar so it doesn't scroll down on load
  • Updated system message default templates to not use <div> tag wrappers
  • Fixed issue that was showing inactive properties in unread count
  • Fixed issue where calendar export was editing existing instead of adding new
  • Fixed issue on Airbnb description render to text when HTML entities were included
  • Added Listing Quality Analyzer check for Airbnb > 100 guest rule
  • Added support for creating a quote and redirecting to it for channel integrations
  • Convert 100% up front payment rule to "all upfront" so there is no second payment

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