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2021 - Update May 24, 2021


Product Update Blog Post

  • Showed credit card history report records failed if in test mode
  • Handled Vrbo duplicate image after deleting and reuploading same issue
  • Allowed booking.com secdep option in manual payments mode
  • Showed channel bridge import history tab even if there's a channel connected
  • Applied Air guest id to existing guests on merge if they don't have one
  • Renamed Concierge to ProConnect
  • Fixed 1 adult not parsing for SayulitaLife.com inquiries
  • Validated on surcharge that end is different than allowed
  • Made Twilio phone dest errors more friendly
  • Skipped payment rules on batch update for channel bookings when updating secdep
  • Fixed issue with channel bridge export grid timeouts
  • Fixed report off by one on end date on tax nights and line item pivot inclusion
  • Allowed updating CVV on cards
  • Autopopulate children not allowed text for Airbnb
  • Added In Period columns on Excel downloads for Owner Statements
  • Deleted reviews on booking delete
  • Fixed issue where description columns on expenses still show guest names even when statement setting says not to show guest names
  • Fixed expenses to follow the property owner configuration timeline
  • Skipped cancellation validation on channel bridge import for bookings manually unlinked from channel calendar
  • Added charge categories
  • Split out surcharges and discounts to separate pages
  • Changed Mountain Lodging template to refer to My Email vs the inquiryspot email
  • Detect Test mode on Authorize.Net accounts and make it a decline and make test credentials fail
  • Fixed copying email template library content with merge fields in links
  • Fixed email address issue with YapStone transactions
  • Added capability to attach files directly to guests
  • Clarified min nights rules setting 
  • Allowed scheduling a payment on day of arrival (0 days before arrival)
  • Added Vrbo reviews push integration
  • Validated booking when doing Attribute To Vrbo
  • Don't assume that 10 digit numbers are American if they have 0 or 1 prefix
  • Allow htmlish entries in SMS/messaging/notes
  • Populate Vrbo health and safety on listing import
  • Improved RA filters
  • Reworked trigger sender to run exactly on the hour
  • Added support for Booking.com virtual credit cards
  • Upgrade Beanstream language and payment method page to Bambora