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Email Template Library - Discount for gap nights - automatically up-sell the night before or after the booking to the guest

Gap nights are a big opportunity to juice revenue. One big thing in vacation rentals is maximizing nights booked and occupancy by filling "gap" or "hole" nights between bookings. You can do this by getting more bookings, but if you can get a guest that's already booked to add a day to their booking, that's a win/win. You can discount it deeply because there's no additional fixed costs like cleaning fees, so you get a few extra bucks and the guest gets to stay an extra day at a discount. Even if it's a big discount, that's basically found money -- there's no additional cleaning fees etc. and the marginal usage of utilities is not much for an extra night.

I do a schedule of offers at my properties with different discounts based on how close the booking is -- 15% off a week after booking, 30% off 3 weeks before arrival and 50% off 5 days before arrival. I run them automatically on triggers (using the instructions below). 

If you want to do a more personalized approach, go to Reports and pull the Availability Gap Report. That shows the gaps and phone/email for the guest, and you can write personalized email offers or even reach out via phone to upsell that gap day.

OwnerRez has a trigger criteria for gap nights called Adjacent Available Nights. So you can target gaps of any size or specific gaps like 1 to three nights night gaps and send email templates automatically at certain points before arrival if there are gaps. For example, here's what you'd do for an email 5 days before arrival, for an arrival or departure gap of 1+ nights:

The {BADJOPEN} merge field will mention whether it's the arrival night that's open, departure night, or both.


Subject: Would you like an extra night at {PDISPNAME} for 50% off?



Thank you for booking {PDISPNAME}.

I just noticed that the {BADJOPEN} your reservation is still open.

Would you like to stay an additional night for 50% off?  If you are interested, please reply to this email.

Thank you for choosing {PDISPNAME}!



For other examples of email Templates, check out the Email Template Library - Overview.