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Discount for gap nights - automatically up-sell the night before or after the booking to the guest

One big thing in vacation rentals is maximizing nights booked and occupancy. One way to do this is to fill "gap" or "hole" nights between bookings. Even if it's a big discount, that's basically found money -- there's no additional cleaning fees etc. and the marginal usage of utilities is not much for an extra night.

OwnerRez has the concept of triggers that only send emails if there are adjacent open nights for the booking. This template is designed to be used with such a trigger, although you could also send it manually if you want.


Subject: Would you like an extra night at {PNAME} for 50% off?



Thank you for booking {PNAME}.

I just noticed that the {BADJOPEN} your reservation is still open.

Would you like to stay an additional night for 50% off?  If you are interested, please reply to this email.

Thank you for choosing {PNAME}!