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2021 - Update May 3, 2021


Product Update Blog Post

  • Fixed issue where Channel Bridge was applying wrong commission calculation (owner portion vs all) when expensing surcharges
  • Don't show door codes that are blank
  • Show TI on fixup form if available
  • Note booking summary report prorate option
  • Clarify that Surveillance might be a camera
  • Fixed crash when attempting to delete bookings with fees
  • On channel bridge import, prefer native price for Air guest fee if it exists
  • Fixed issue with amenities not sticking after saving - Desk, maybe others
  • Don't show revenue from non-managed bookings on owner dashboard
  • Fixed issue where property owner configuration fixes old bookings, but didn't un-manage the old ones
  • Fixed issue where unmanaging bookings still leaves owner associated with booking under the covers
  • Fixed Vrbo property inclusion when Airbnb RTB enabled
  • Fixed issue with user GA code on internal pages
  • Fixed property list to follow order of Display Order column
  • Fixed issue where spots rates show in list for disabled/deleted properties
  • Added "In Period" version of columns on the OwnerStatementBooking lines on owner statements
  • Added "send owner payouts to QuickBooks" tool
  • Added "bulk record multiple Owner Payouts" tool
  • Included $0 expenses in next owner statement just like any other
  • Added PM fields for Non/Lower Charge Commission
  • Handled case where SMS number is deleted and new number is created
  • Fixed issue where expenses for future booking or bookings associated with included bookings aren't showing up on Owner Statements
  • For booking.com manual payments mode, don't attempt to authorize the card until it's actually used
  • Changed booking.com to always do cancellation refunds manually
  • Updated booking.com cancellation policies with new policies
  • Updated booking.com cancellation policies to show no show penalties if applicable
  • Added booking.com final payment due date setting
  • Prefilled custom PM views when creating
  • Added Houfy direct property links

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