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Properties - Updating Bookings for Property Rule Changes

When a Quote or Booking is created, it automatically inherits the Property Rules that are in place at that time.  If you change the Property Rules later, those changes will be applied to any future Quotes or Bookings, but not any existing ones.

In many cases, t's unfair and can be illegal to attempt to change the rental terms after the booking has already been made on the old terms. 

However, for those rare situations where a retroactive change is appropriate, we have provided a tool for this purpose.  It's the "Apply To" button at the top of each Property Rules page:

Clicking this button allows you to select exactly which type of Rules you want to apply to existing Bookings or Quotes - you don't have to do all of them:

Note that changing the Rules for existing Bookings will not also change any Rental Agreements that have already been signed - if you changed terms that would affect existing Rental Agreements, you'll need to ask the guest to sign a new copy of the Agreement.  This can be done using the Request dropdown button on the Legal tab of their Booking.