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Calendar Import/Export - Airbnb guide

Our Channel Management feature is extremely powerful and can greatly simplify your channel advertising. Learn how it works by reading our Channel Management overview article.  A core part of our Channel Management is the Calendar Import/Export process which keeps your OwnerRez calendar in sync with channel calendars.

This article provides a walk-through guide for configuring calendar import/export for Airbnb.  You need a calendar import and export for Airbnb, so make sure to configure both.

Importing calendar from Airbnb

Log in to Airbnb, go to the Host menu and then click the Listings option in the menu.

In the list of properties, find the property you want to work on and click the "..." menu on the far right (under the Gear column) and select the "Go to calendar" option.

Click the "Availability" option.

Scroll down to the Sync calendars section and click the "Export Calendar" link.

In the resulting window that opens, copy the URL so that you can use it in OwnerRez in the next step.

In OwnerRez, open the same property and go to the Calendars tab.  Under the Import tab, click Import Calendar and paste in the same URL that you copied from Airbnb above.  By default, the Listing Site and Name fields should fill in as Airbnb.

Choose "Bookings Only" for Import Events.  The channels can create "ghost" bookings as guests start, but don't finish, the booking process (abandoned shopping carts).  The "Bookings Only" option prevents those from mistakenly blocking your calendar.

If this is the first time you are importing this calendar, check the "Include Past Events" checkbox so you'll have history of old bookings.

Click Save at the bottom to finish.

If you have any questions about the other settings on the calendar import page, read our general overview on configuring calendar imports or consult the Common Issues & Questions support article.

Exporting calendar to Airbnb

Log in to Airbnb.  Switch to "hosting" mode, go to the Host menu, and click the Listings option in the menu.

Select your property.

In the menu on the left of the screen, select "Pricing and availability":

On the next screen select "Calendar sync":

In the "Calendar sync" section, select "Import Calendar", and paste in the OwnerRez export iCal:

The calendar address URL box needs to be filled in with a calendar export link from OwnerRez.  To get that link, do the following...

In a new browser tab, while leaving open the current window, going into OwnerRez and go to Settings > Channels > Calendar Import/Export and click the Export tab.  A list of your OwnerRez properties will show with an export link next to each one.

Find the property you are currently working on and copy the export link for that property.  Go back to the Airbnb window and paste the export link from OwnerRez into the Calendar URL box.  Then click Import Calendar to save and finish.

If you have any questions about calendar exporting, read our general overview on configuring calendar exports or consult the Common Issues & Questions support article.

Common Questions

I set up the calendar import from Airbnb, and bookings are showing up in OwnerRez, but they contain next to no information.

Yes, that's right - Airbnb doesn't provide any information in their calendar feeds.  About all you get is the dates themselves, which are enough to block off your calendar and prevent double bookings, but that's it.

To get all the information for a booking, you need to manually run Channel Bridge, which will copy it from Airbnb's website using your credentials.  Or, we recommend that you hook up the Airbnb API connection, after which you won't need calendar syncs for Airbnb.

Why am I getting messages about an Airbnb calendar booking changing dates?

Airbnb's iCal calendar feed code has a known limitation - it only pushes dates out up to 365 days in the future.  If you have a booking that starts just before then, but ends afterwards, the calendar feed will show that booking ending exactly 365 days in the future, even though it really ends later than that.

Of course, tomorrow, 365 days in the future will be one actual day later - so from the perspective of the calendar feed, the booking has changed its end date to be one day later.  This will happen every day until the actual end of the booking is reached.