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Payment Processing - Common Issues & Questions

OwnerRez offers many different payment processing options.

This article provides a list of common questions and answers about payment processing that are not covered elsewhere.  First read the payment processing overview to get a general idea about what we offer and how it works.  That article, as well as our videos on credit cards, checks and PayPal, covers the typical workflow and most normal questions.

I want to use several different credit card payment processors.

No problem!  You can configure any number of credit card payment processor accounts in OwnerRez - from the same provider, different providers, or a mix.

The only limitation is that any one property can only be assigned to just one credit card payment processor account at a time.

If you decide to change processor accounts, you can do that.

I'm trying to refund but getting an unexpected error

If your processor is otherwise functioning correctly (other payments and refunds are going through fine), but you're having a stubborn issue with one particular refund, there are several common reasons for that:

  • It's been too long since the payment took place. If the payment is 6 or more months old, you won't be able to refund back to the same card. You might get a message like "transaction doesn't meet the criteria for a refund".

    In this case, you won't be able to refund back to the card and must send the refund a different way (see below).
  • It hasn't been long enough since the payment took place. If the payment was made today, likely it hasn't settled yet. Instead of refunding, click on the payment in the transactions list in OwnerRez and use the Void & Delete button to void it.

    Note: Stripe doesn't use Voids -- Stripe payments can be refunded same day.
  • You've disabled the original payment method in OwnerRez and switched to a different one. Refunds must be related to a source transaction. If you've disabled one card processor and switched to another, you won't be able to refund in OwnerRez.

    If the merchant account is still live but just disabled in OwnerRez, go to Settings > Payment Methods in OwnerRez and reactivate it. You don't need to associate it with a property, just make the payment method active and then you'll be able to issue the refund.

    If the merchant account has closed, you'll need to refund a different way (see below).
If you can't refund back to the card for one of the reasons above, you must send the refund a different way like check, PayPal, Venmo, etc. instead.

Then record it as a non-card manual refund in OwnerRez so the balance tallies up correctly.