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Rates - Discount Codes

Ever seen or heard an ad offering a discount or coupon code - "Enter MYVACAY for 10% off"?  OwnerRez lets you do that.

  1. Go to Settings > Surcharges & Discounts and add one
  2. Select the Discount type
  3. Select Applied by Discount Code and enter the code

Once you have discount codes that apply to a property, the discount code box will appear on the guest form for a quote, as well as on the Book Now widget, to provide a place for the guest to enter the code.  The discount code box won't show if there are no applicable discounts.

💡 Important

Keep in mind that a discount code will override any other discount on the quote.  Discounts and codes do not stack!

So if you have an automatically-applied last minute discount or something, and the guest enters a discount code, it will replace the other discount instead of stacking with it.

You can create more than one discount code, and potentially more than one that would be applicable to a given property, but guests can only use one at a time.

You can also create a custom URL that will take your guests directly to your Book Now widget, with the code already populated in the form.

Gift Certificates Hack

At this time, OwnerRez does not support Gift Certificates.  However, some of our imaginative users have come up with a method to use the Discount Code system to approximate a gift certificate.

When a person wishes to purchase a "gift certificate", you can assign them a specific un-guessable "discount code" for the appropriate amount.  They can then give this code to their desired gift recipient.  When that person uses the discount code in an OwnerRez booking form, the "discount" will be applied, using the amount of the "gift certificate".


  • OwnerRez does not currently provide a method to collect credit card payments outside of a booking.  You would need to collect the funds some other way, such as via a separate PayPal payment, a check, a credit card transaction using the online terminal of your payment processor if there is one, or tacking on an extra untaxed charge to an active booking by the person wishing to purchase the "gift certificate."
  • OwnerRez also does not currently provide a method to track the usage of "gift certificates."  You would need to track them yourself, such as via an Excel spreadsheet, and remember to manually disable the codes as they are used.