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Switching from a different vendor

Due to our flexible options, breadth of features and excellent customer service, we routinely get new users who want to switch to us from a competitor's product.  We're glad to have you!

If you're wondering about how to do that, just ask us directly.  We can certainly help you import your existing inquiry and booking records so that your record-keeping is seamless.  There are several different methods depending on where you are coming from and what they support; we'll help you figure out the best way.

We want you to leverage the power of our reports and marketing tools in such a way that you can compare your new bookings with the old ones, which means importing old data.  We're happy to help and you'll see that after switching over!

There are times when some functionality in OwnerRez may not exactly match the functionality of the system you came from.  This could be because it's hidden or different in our system, or it may be something already in development.  We have even implemented new features for just-joined users when presented with an obstacle or workflow that was difficult to transition from. Talk to us about it.