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Update March 3, 2020


  • Upgraded hosted website certificates to latest encryption standards
  • Added Template, Trigger, System Alert etc. filters to the Email History Report
  • Ordered trigger history on booking Email tab by date
  • Added option to switch to a booking template on a payment
  • Split email template column on Trigger grid to separate template and description
  • Sorted email templates grid by both entity type and name
  • Simplify system messages edit/copy operations
  • Added option to skip triggers even when criteria doesn't match yet
  • Added option to create email templates for leases
  • Added option on HomeAway API channel to describe secdep hold in the House Rules instead of as a Stay Collected Fee
  • Rework Airbnb channel bridge surcharge and tax handling
  • Fixed issue where booking widget was rendering Google Analytics code in wrong order
  • Fixed issue where X-Frame-Options was causing booking widget top navigate denied fallback to fail
  • Added message on rate calendar if no rates are selected
  • Enforced stricter ranges on min/max days before arrival
  • Fixed multi property widget logic after m2m update
  • Allowed deleting bookings with expenses as long as they haven't been on statements yet
  • After composing on booking Email tab, go back to Email tab, not Overview

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