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Listing Site Integration - Inquiry Import

OwnerRez currently supports inquiry communications with listing sites via email parsing of notification emails. If there is an additional integration you'd like to see, let us know.

This article will cover integration of inquiries for your local/regional listing sites. There are a couple other methods of getting inquiries from other sources -- like widgets on your site and contact forms or other listing sites. These are covered in other articles:

First, go to the Settings > Channels-Identifier Mapping section of your account.

You'll see a list of channels for which we have built-in inquiry parsing and calendar instructions.  Scroll down and find the listing site or channel that you use to receive inquiries.  For instance, if your property is in Alabama, you may use the Alabama Vacation Home Rentals listing site.

Once you find a channel or listing site that you use, click the button next to it and follow the prompts to add it to your OwnerRez account. This will bring you to a settings page for that listing site. Each site has a customized setup guide, so I won't replicate that here. I'll cover some general concepts and then dig into some walkthroughs of where to configure common sites.

Our integration is based on parsing emails from the listing site, so the basic flow will be to get an OwnerRez email address and put it into the listing site contact communication setting. That way, the listing site will send emails to us as well as to you, and we can accept the inquiries on your behalf and allow you to respond within OwnerRez.

Nowadays, this type of inquiry forwarding-and-parsing is only useful for regional or local listing sites like "GatlinburgCabins.com" or "DisneyVacationHomes.com" where it serves a small local area. For these local/regional listing sites, we recommend using our per property email addresses (starting with orp) if you can. If the listing site doesn't allow you to specify a per property email, you can use our per user email address (starting with oru) and use the manual property mapping feature to match the listing site property ID against the OwnerRez property ID.

Please note for HomeAway, Airbnb and FlipKey/TripAdvisor inquires: We are limited to the information contained within the inquiry email.  Channels like HomeAway and Flipkey only give a "double blind" email address, not the actual guest email, so forwarding inquiries to OwnerRez is pointless.  For these sites, we recommend you interact with the guest on the channel directly (eg. on VRBO) until the point of booking. After booking, our Calendar Import tools will automatically import the basics of the booking into OwnerRez through the listing site's iCal feed.  Note that these sites generally provide very little information about the booking in the calendar feed (often not even the name or email address); this information can be obtained using Channel Bridge.