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Team Access - Overview

This support article is under construction 👷

Please pardon the incompleteness while we work on this. We have made the article visible in the meantime because the content may be useful.

With OwnerRez, you can grant access to Staff Members or Portal Users (whether owners, cleaners, maintenance staff, etc.) to view calendar availability and perform actions like blocking off time or viewing owner statements. Each user gets a separate login, and OwnerRez Users can configure a variety of access to one or more properties, including the ability for a single property to share multiple owners.

OwnerRez Users can also create a branded Portal Login page rather than using the OwnerRez sign-in page for Portal Users to access. This is sometimes known as a "white-labeled" Client Portal.

Team Access Area

Everything is managed in the Team Access area. OwnerRez Users can navigate to the Team Access area by clicking on the dropdown arrow of the account menu (upper right-hand corner of the screen) and selecting Team Access.

Or select Team Access from the left My Account menu.

Portal User vs. Staff Member Access

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether to grant Portal User or Staff Member Access.  Below we go into more detail about both of them, along with links to both the Portal User and Staff Member Access support articles.

Portal User Access allows owners, cleaners, maintenance staff, etc. to view availability calendars and perform actions like blocking off time or viewing owner statements. Each Portal User gets a separate login, and you can configure access to one or more properties or owners.

Staff Member Access allows complete OwnerRez access. Note that granting Staff Members access gives them access to everything in your OwnerRez account, including bookings, payments, emails, etc. Staff Members are basically a clone of you. Staff Members are not restricted by property or role - Staff Members can see and do everything. Be careful with this!

The only limit you can apply to a Staff Member is that you can hide the Reports menu. Hiding the Reports menu won't prevent Staff Members from seeing the financial information in individual bookings, but does make it less convenient for Staff Members to see all of your financial numbers neatly organized and readily exported.


Staff Members have full admin access to *EVERYTHING* in your account, including bookings, payments, emails, etc. Make sure you want to do this. If not, grant them Portal User Access instead.