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2021 - Update April 17, 2021


Product Update Blog Post

  • Added Vrbo account name setting
  • Added new Vrbo amenities
  • Added "use adults" for max guests options for Airbnb
  • Added copy seasons to next year tool
  • Added help text to clarify the Send Booking Confirmation option on channels edit
  • Added LQA for Air per property ID tax without ID's
  • Don't allow changing charges on Air reservation request even after it is sent
  • Properly calculate commission for air reservation requests
  • Skipped far futures HA blocks on iCal import if there's no name, even if marked RESERVED
  • Allowed unlocking charges even if channel is disabled/deleted
  • Fixed race on new Airbnb bookings
  • Changed logic to include the no kids message on Airbnb if rule is 0, even if listing setting isn't disallowed
  • Added link on channel to Airbnb account page
  • Auto submit website search on type selection if there is a query
  • Fixed support article link for Airbnb offline Security Deposits
  • Fixed issue with rate calendar displaying wrong min nights on short edits with gap rules
  • Tweaked RTB error messaging
  • Stopped saying to "go book on the channel" for Houfy inquiries
  • Go live with Find Rentals (remove Coming Soon message)
  • Added data check for image content type
  • Fixed guest's "other" phone appears multiple times on the agreement form
  • Fixed issue where you can't disable holds on quotes if the property rule amount is > 999
  • Fixed theme preview to render MYXXX social link URL's
  • Clarified expense date options on Owner and PM statements refer to date expense occurred
  • Fixed issue blocking the disable of owner when property owner configuration has been removed
  • Updated Ascent links 
  • Updated RG literature about CFAR being 10.8%
  • Fixed template logic on guest convo to ignore canceled bookings
  • Allowed two letter domains for verified sender 
  • Clarified Airbnb quote can't be finalized direct booking
  • Added Caleb's email to Lynnbrook new applications email
  • Fixed crash when canceling Stripe OAuth connection process
  • Fixed issue where Travel Insurance still appears in Quote Acceptance page 4 even when it's turned off
  • Fixed LQA to analyzes complex pet fees correctly
  • Fixed old Vrbo image used on booking tooltip
  • Fixed access grant popover where property names have commas
  • Fixed LQA false positive errors on Guest Fees
  • Removed multiplied percent surcharges/discounts
  • Fixed "Send me a copy" to honor the appropriate FROM information