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Channel Bridge - Common Issues & Questions

We've created a tool called "OwnerRez Channel Bridge" which is a Chrome browser extension that gives you extra functionality when working with listing sites. Read about it in our our Channel Bridge Overview article.

This article provides a list of common questions and answers about Channel Bridge that are not covered elsewhere.

I'm getting an error like "Must be a valid Excel xlsx formatted file" or "Couldn't match columns to standard template" or "Couldn't find worksheet".

Make sure you're selecting the correct download file from the Channel Bridge extension and you haven't changed the file layout. You can delete rows to remove bookings, but don't rename columns or worksheets or move them around.

I'm getting an error like "Couldn't find property by Listing Number or Property Name".

We attempt to match properties by property name, but often the names are different in OwnerRez vs. the channel. To fix this, go to Settings > Channels, open the synced channel (or create a new one if there is none yet) Property Settings tab. Enter the listing numbers for each property there -- just the numeric portion of the number like 123456 -- not any ha suffix or URL. If you have multiple listing numbers for a single property, you can enter them all, separated with commas.

I'm getting an error like "Couldn't merge new charges because the existing booking charges have been manually changed".

The default options to merge with existing charges and transactions will work if you haven't already recorded charges or payments against the booking manually or using the channel payments/transactions import. If you have charges that are different than the ones coming in from the channel, you'll get an error in Merge mode to ensure that you know about the situation.

I'm not getting any financial data about my bookings when I run Channel Bridge.

You must be logged into the listing site using the main account, not a co-host account, because co-hosts are not able to view booking financial data.  If you can't see it, neither can Channel Bridge.

Channel Bridge is running forever, and then errors out.

Here's a couple things to try:

  • Are you on a fast, stable Internet connection?  That can help Channel Bridge complete its work.
  • Are you attempting to download data for multiple properties at once?  Doing only one property at a time can reduce errors.
  • Are you trying to download Airbnb data using a co-host account?  Those are unpredictable and often cannot access the required data - if yours doesn't, you'll have to try again using the login for the full regular account that controls the property listings.
  • Try using the date-range settings to only collect a limited range of data at a time - one year, or a couple of months.
  • If all else fails, use the Advanced Options to tell Channel Bridge to ignore errors (Airbnb Bookings only).  That way, at least you can successfully collect whatever data it's able to get.