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2021 - Update January 11, 2021


  • Load all QuickBooks references when there are more than 100
  • Improved property URL generation references when using a hosted site
  • Removed survey language from standard secdep release template
  • Required lat/lng for property address
  • Added support for Google Analytics 4 trackers
  • Fire triggers with Pending: Pending Cancellation criteria for Request To Book bookings
  • For non-US culture travel insurance, send guests to the TI form to purchase, separate from the booking
  • Check payments, emails etc when moving and show additional warnings on move form
  • Fixed issue where booking custom fields weren't filtering by property
  • Added grace period to RA signing link for showing contact info entry form on last minute bookings
  • Removed percentage from Airbnb professional hospitality business message
  • Include billing email in guest email automatically
  • Don't generate door codes when updating pending bookings
  • Added grace period for last minute booking arrival triggers
  • Added grace period for after booking created triggers
  • Fixed expenses attachment icon cache issue
  • Optimized channel sync event grid
  • Converted call alert to new alert template
  • Removed extra spacing from channel/payment method enum displays
  • Don't allow bouncing WP cache until there's a webhook set
  • Show ORB number in channel bridge PM locked booking message
  • When creating Vrbo API bookings, schedule payments relative to arrival date instead of using absolute date
  • Fixed issue with upgrading bedroom table rates to new rates model
  • Included booking channel guests fields in search
  • Updated HTG instructions with non-US connection link
  • Added LQA checks for HomeToGo
  • Removed listing site check on charges editing for what types to show
  • Corrected oversized attachment validation on conversation to show properly
  • Clear property internal code when duplicating
  • Clarified file copy link on account files area
  • Corrected time zone on property added field
  • Added option on portal dashboard to compare for all time vs booked as of today
  • Fixed manual SMS/Airbnb trigger send to mark as sent and not send again when the date occurs