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Cancellation Policies - Common Issues & Questions

Our Cancellation Policies feature provides a simple yet powerful way to communicate your refund policy to guests for different properties and time periods.  Learn how it works by reading our Cancellation Policies overview article.

This article provides a list of common questions and answers for Cancellation Policies that are not covered elsewhere.  This article assumes you have already created policies in OwnerRez and understand the basics of how they work.  Please read the overview support article first before coming to this page as that article covers the normal workflow.

I still see 'Not Set' as the policy showing on quotes and bookings after creating a cancellation policy

Like other global settings, OwnerRez will not automatically change your pre-existing quotes and bookings when you make changes to cancellation policies.  This is because we cannot change what the guest has already seen or agreed to unless you specifically want that to happen.  Furthermore, you may have many years of quotes or bookings in place.  You typically don't want to change that historical data whenever you update your cancellation policy.

So after creating or updating your cancellation policies, you have to update any pre-existing quotes and bookings to have the same changes if you want that to be the case.  You can do this by going to the quote or booking > Rules tab > Change button > make your changes and save.  Or you can use the batch update button to do this from the global Cancellation Policies area.  We cover this in the overview article under the individual quotes and bookings section.

The guest is still seeing 'No refund will be issued' after I created a cancellation policy

This is exactly the same as the issue above where you see 'Not Set' on a quote or booking.  You probably made global changes but did not update any pre-existing quotes or bookings.  Follow the same steps outlined above and in the overview article to update individual quotes and bookings.

If you're wondering why it shows 'Not Set' to you, but the guest sees "No refund will be issued", we do this as a safety precaution so that you don't run into legal trouble without realizing it.  If we showed the cancellation policy as "not set" on your renter agreement and the guest signed that and booked before you noticed it, the guest could claim down the road that since there was no policy, they should get their money back.  Most banks and small claim courts would probably agree.  To be safe, we convert a 'not set' policy to say "No refunds will be issued".  Once you set a policy, this goes away.

I only refund the deposit or a certain amount of rent or a variable amount

If your refund amount cannot be quantified by a percentage of the total booking or a flat cancellation fee, you won't be able to use our cancellation policies.  For instance, some owners and PMs will only refund rent (not taxes) or only a cleaning fee.  Or it might be a flat amount based on the time of year, which changes over time.  Our cancellation policy feature does not support this.  If you have that type of situation, you will have to define, and convey, your refund policy to the guest manually such as by typing it directly into a renter agreement or email template or listing it on your website.

How do I push my cancellation policy across to Airbnb, Booking.com or TripAdvisor via channel integration?

You can't.  Those channels provide a drop-down list of specific policies they require, and you have to select one of those specific policies.  Even if your custom cancellation policy, defined in OwnerRez, perfectly matches one of these policies, you still need to select it on the API settings.  The OwnerRez cancellation policy will not sync up or affect the API setting for those channels.  Vrbo is currently the only channel that we can push custom cancellation policies to, so if you have API integration for Vrbo, you can set the API settings to use the OwnerRez defined policy and OwnerRez will automatically sync that across whenever the cancellation policy changes.

What about channel bookings where I don't have any API/channel integration in place?

For platform bookings - ie. those bookings that you get from channels where you don't have API/channel integration in place - this follows the same process as all other rates, rules and settings.  Specifically, you have to configure your cancellation policy on the channel platform itself.  We will not push or sync any cancellation policies over to the channel and what you set in OwnerRez will not affect what guests see on the channel side when booking.

Canceling a booking didn't actually follow my policy and refund anything!

Currently, when you cancel a booking in OwnerRez, no refunds are actually sent or recorded.  The refund process is a secondary step that is up to you to do.  We anticipate making refunds be part of the cancellation page in the near future, but for now you have to cancel and then refund as two separate steps.  The cancellation policy you define is informational only for the guest - it will not automatically create or send refunds for the amount in the policy.  Again, we anticipate adding this in the near future.  If you're wondering how to cancel and issue refunds, read our Cancelling a Booking support article.

I want to have different cancellation policies for different Seasons.

Sorry, you can't do that. :-(

As you can tell since you're reading this, though, we have thought of this idea - and it's a good one.  We're trying to work with the channels to get this supported, and hopefully it will be available at some point in the future.

I'm a PM, and I want the cancellation fee to go entirely to the property owner.

Unfortunately, at present this is not possible, but is planned for the future.  It is also not currently possible to apply a commission to the cancellation fee.