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Guest Communication - Duve

Duve (formerly known as Wishbox) is an end-to-end guest management system helping hosts digitize their vacation rental business, increase profitability, improve performance, and offer an elevated guest experience. Duve allows hosts to achieve a contactless guest experience, upsell services and personalize their communication with guests, without compromising their personal touch.

You can easily integrate your OwnerRez account with Duve:

  1. In order to begin, you must register at the Duve website and complete the registration.
  2. After completing the Duve registration, you are asked to choose which system you want to integrate. Choose OwnerRez and then click on the green connect button. If you do not see the option for which system you'd like to integrate with, go to the Settings and click Connect & Sync. From there you will see a button to Add New Source, click that and select OwnerRez.
  3. You will be asked to sign in to your OwnerRez account and authorize the connection with Duve. If you are already logged in to your OwnerRez account in a different tab, you won’t need to login again - you'll only need to authorize the connection.
  4. After Approving the connection, you will be redirected back to the Duve site.
  5. You're done! You will be able to view your property and reservation information from OwnerRez in Duve, and start using Duve's features to delight your guests.

Upsells can be offered through Duve's app, but if a guest requests one of the upsells you offer, you must manually add the charge to that booking inside OwnerRez and send a payment request. If the guest is from Airbnb, you must use the resolution center to add the upsell charge to the booking.

More information is available on Duve's support site.

What Data is Transmitted:

  • All the property info - on the initial sync
  • All the reservation info and the guest details - when webhook comes and on initial sync for all future reservations
  • What all is synced:
    • Customer’s Room/Rental Information (as long as it exists in the PMS)
      • Room Name
      • Room Type
      • Room Number
      • Floor
      • Location (Street Address, City, State, Country, Zip Code, Map Coordinates)
    • Room Information
      • Number of Beds
      • Number of Max Guests
    • Reservation Information
      • Reservation Dates
      • Room Allocation (or Room Type allocation)
      • Contact information (Name, Phone Number, email address)
        • Nationality of guest in the PMS identifies what the country of the guest is and therefore the guest language
        • Country by phone is pulled from the country code of the phone number
    • Number of Guests in the Reservation
    • Booking Source
    • Reservation statuses (from the PMS)
      • Active
      • Blocked
      • Cancelled
    • Reservation ID
    • OwnerRez ID
    • Pull Access Codes from OwnerRez to Duve