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Change Log

2020 - Update August 10, 2020


  • Redesigned blog page layout, added teaser to blog post
  • Added blog categories
  • Fixed blog sort order when showing in forum latest discussions
  • Upgraded website to FontAwesome v5
  • Changed guest form link URL's to be a shorter format to minimize chance of link breakage on low fidelity communication channels
  • Re-enabled booking.com failed booking payment messaging
  • Showed expired secdep as failed on booking Transactions
  • Removed owner from blocked-off time
  • Added form link and agreement options to template editor
  • Handled centered many links on hosted website headers
  • Added legacy booking id match in one-box search
  • Displayed property Info page in property specific currency
  • Showed cancellation policy in guest visible travel insurance text 
  • Removed "final trip payment" allowance on travel insurance to match current RentalGuardian rules
  • Converted CalendarSync and Inquiry alerts to new alert model
  • Clarified second payment days language in default renter agreement template
  • Handled new Airbnb changes
    • Don't import invalid property types
    • Remove Villa/Loft from duplicate property group categories
  • Disabled channel mappings button when channel is de-authorized
  • Removed season name from min nights validation message if it actually was a spot rate with the min nights rule
  • Trimmed extra prefix/suffix from custom source domains
  • Corrected "Using System Alert" field on communication history email view
  • Removed table borders from default renter agreement style
  • Don't email notifications about auto responder bounces
  • Fixed issue with quotes not correctly preempting/expiring on booking updates unless they had custom cancellation policies

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