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PriceLabs Integration

PriceLabs is a dynamic pricing solution that will set your prices based on market data and other rules. OwnerRez is integrated with PriceLabs via API. Once you enable the connection, PriceLabs will update OwnerRez pricing by populating Spot Rates with calculated prices.

Spot rates "paint on top" of the seasonal rates and override the nightly rate and optionally minimum nights rule for the applicable nights. You can still set seasonal rules (and even seasonal rates for rates not covered by PriceLabs), as well as any surcharges like guest fees or cleaning fees.

To connect PriceLabs to your OwnerRez account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Properties section in OwnerRez and review your properties to make sure that the address, latitude, and longitude are populated for each property.

    Property address and latitude/longitude are required for this integration. PriceLabs uses this information in its pricing algorithms to match similar properties in the surrounding area.

    If a property doesn't have them yet, go to the Location tab of the properties and populate them before continuing.
  2. Go to the API Access section in your OwnerRez account dropdown in the top right. If you haven't yet turned on API Access, you'll get a screen which will let you agree to the terms and turn it on.
  3. Copy the User API Key value.
  4. Go to your PriceLabs account.
  5. Click the Connect to your Airbnb/PMS account button.
  6. Select OwnerRez from the dropdown and paste in your OwnerRez User API Key.
  7. Hit the Login button. This will connect to OwnerRez and download all of the properties.
  8. Once PriceLabs has downloaded the properties, you'll be able to manage the connection in PriceLabs.

If you've got questions, let us know at help@ownerreservations.com. You can also reach PriceLabs support at support@pricelabs.co.

For more on PriceLabs, see the Getting Started With PriceLabs Guide.

NOTE: We don't sync rates to Airbnb yet (we're working on it), but PriceLabs does. So if you're using PriceLabs integration with OwnerRez you can have them update Airbnb as well. To do that, follow their Mapping Listings Between Portals Guide.

To test and make sure the prices are updating through from PriceLabs into OwnerRez properly:

  1. Make sure Sync Prices is enabled for the listing in PriceLabs.
  2. Click on Review Prices in PriceLabs for the listing and hit the Sync Now button to ensure the prices have been sent to OwnerRez.
  3. In OwnerRez, open Settings > Spot Rates and filter the list to the property you just synced. That will show you all prices sent from PriceLabs.

    NOTE: spot rates don't currently show on rate table widgets or the property overview page -- those show seasonal rates only.
  4. Open Tools > Rate Tester (to run a test quote) or Tools > Rate Checker (to check nightly rates for a longer period) and run some test quotes to see the new rates.