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Update Number 2.2

Released on: May 17, 2013


This update added iCal feeds.


  • Added iCal feed schema to system
  • Added iCal pages to property area with support add, edit, delete, disable and enable
  • Added new 'feeds' end point and implemented iCal serialization
  • Added First Name column to booking, quote and inquiry export
  • Added Last Name column to booking, quote and inquiry export
  • Added Email Address column to booking, quote and inquiry export
  • Fixed copy-to-clipboard functionality on property widgets
  • Added copy-to-clipboard functionality to property iCal feeds
  • Added settings to iCal feeds to allow/restrict showing of guest info, location, summary and description
  • Added Quote Expiration Days field to property schema with default of 10
  • Updated create quote form to look for property default for expiration days
  • Updated robots.txt to allow discovery for everything but API, service and form end points
  • Added "app offline" message for release and migration periods

Affected Components

  • Application
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