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Update Number 0.25.0

Released on: October 4, 2011


This update added travel insurance so that guests can purchase travel insurance policies for their bookings at the same time they accept the quote.  Other miscellaneous bugs were fixed.


  • Added schema for travel insurance
  • Updated booking schema to include travel insurance reference
  • Added travel insurance option to public quote payment form
  • Added travel insurance description and marketing flyers to public quote payment form
  • Added standalone travel insurance payment form
  • Updated booking confirmation email to include travel insurance information
  • Added insurance menu to booking pages
  • Added insurance purchase page to booking pages
  • Added send email page for insurance to booking pages
  • Added integration layer with Travel Guard for purchasing policies
  • Added Insurance Buyer service for background monitoring
  • Added email template for requested travel insurance
  • Added email template for failed travel insurance
  • Added email template for purchased travel insurance
  • Added email template for travel insurance exceptions
  • Updated email workflow to convert URLs in plain text into clickable links
  • Updated credit card statement text for travel insurance to Travel Guard Group
  • Added a flag to the request schema to save the entry source: control panel, API or form
  • Updated the calendar sync schema to allow up to 64 characters in the username field

Affected Components

  • Application
  • Insurance Buyer Service
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