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Update Number 0.11.0

Released on: March 10, 2010


This update adds custom renter agreements to the system.  Users can now create their own custom agreements instead of using the default auto-generated agreement.  A few other tweaks were also made.


  • Added new custom renter agreement pages to legal area of properties
  • Added new editor so rich text can be entered for custom renter agreement
  • Added editor cleaning so that pasted or written text is stripped of non-secure characters, MS Office tags and invalid formatting
  • Added mail merge field to editor
  • Added prefill option to editor so that the auto-generated agreement text can be used
  • Added translation logic when finalizing agreement for the mail merge fields
  • Updated public quote forms to show quote-specific version of agreement in case billing details were changed for the quote
  • Updated PDF creator to use custom agreement text
  • Removed the upload option for custom agreement files
  • Removed No Pet and No Child fields from the legal area, database and auto-generated agreement
  • Removed cancellation rules from legal area, database and auto-generated agreement
  • Updated third-party alert grid to left-align the created date and use a MMM d, yyyy format
  • Updated Facebook URL on all website pages to http://www.facebook.com/ownerrez

Affected Components

  • Application
  • Website
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