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Other Integrations - VRScheduler

VRScheduler is the calm way to manage vacation rental staff and operations.  Integrate VRScheduler with OwnerRez and never miss another clean, inspection or any other task, track all of your maintenance issues and save hours in scheduling and payroll. Increase revenue and create happier guests and owners with VRScheduler.

Connecting VRScheduler to OwnerRez

  1. Get started with a one-on-one demo.
  2. Navigate to the VRScheduler OwnerRez Registration Form and sign up for VRScheduler

  3. Authorize VRScheduler in your OwnerRez Account
  4. Continue to Onboarding, including a free one-on-one onboarding work session to set up your Staff, Task generation Rules and Notifications.
    OwnerRez Properties and Reservations will be automatically imported into VRScheduler
  5. Once onboarding is complete, schedule your Free one-on-one Training session.
  6. Enjoy a sense of calm, and have more time to focus on growing your business (or spending time with your family!)

VRScheduler Features

  • Complete scheduling automation for all tasks such as cleans, inspections, maintenance, hot tub services & more.
  • Easy drag and drop scheduling tools.
  • Workload balancing and optimization.
  • Comprehensive notification options.
  • Laundry Room Reports.
  • Owner Dashboards.
  • Owner Billing through Stripe.
  • Mobile friendly dashboards for staff.
  • Task and Property specific checklists with image uploads.
  • Piece pay and accept/decline task options.
  • Time tracking with mileage.
  • Work order and issue tracking.
  • Quickbooks Billing and Payroll integration (Desktop and Online).