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Vacation Rental Tools Overview

As a vacation rental owner or manager, you list your properties on many different listing sites (eg. VRBO, Airbnb, TripAdvisor). These listing sites provide advertising, messaging, reviews and many other features that are vital to the business workflow of managing vacation rentals.

However, the listing sites' features are often lacking. As an example, guests can post reviews for a vacation rental, but you have no way of easily extracting that information to use on your personal website or other advertising channels.  You can't even download them to store in case something happens to the listing site.

To help with this problem, we've created a lab project called "Vacation Rental Tools" which is free for everyone (whether you are an OwnerRez customer or not).  It works as a browser extension for Chrome that is installed on your local Chrome browser.

The extension will provide additional functionality for the listing sites you use on a regular basis.

Use the following links to begin:

We Need Your Help

We're iterating on this in short fast bursts to see what works and what doesn't.  We need the vacation rental community's help with several things:

First, download and use the extension to test it and see what you think.  Then use the rate, review and feedback tools in Chrome (in the webstore) to leave feedback on the extension and let us know your thoughts.  Vote it up to help us with advertising and reaching others!

Second, spread the word!  If you're a part of VR communities (eg. Facebook groups, HomeAway community), tell them about this and post links for us.  This extension will remain free forever for all VR owners and managers, whether they are OwnerRez users or not.  Our goal here is to help you get more out of your listing site data, so help us help you by telling others!

Special Website

We've created a special website for Vacation Rental Tools at:


When you spread the word, use this website.  This website is where we will put FAQs, links to support articles and updates in the future.  We purposefully created a separated stand-alone website for it so that everyone in the VR community (not just OwnerRez users) feel invited to use it.