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My Account - Usage Pricing

In December 2016, we rolled out a new per-property pricing plan. You can see the details on our main pricing page. We also offer a special usage-based pricing structure for a limited number of users.

Usage Pricing is a separate billing process where your monthly invoice is calculated based on how much you "use" the system - specifically how many bookings and blocked-off times are created during the billing period.  If no bookings or blocked-off times are created, there is no charge and OwnerRez is free for that month.

Usage Pricing is only available upon request, and it is only approved for some users.  We do not typically approve usage pricing unless you either (a) have many properties, (b) have unusual booking circumstances like being closed for half the year.  If you'd like to apply for Usage Pricing, please contact us directly.

NOTE TO OLDER USERS: Usage pricing was the original pricing model that OwnerRez started with.  As of December 2016, usage pricing is no longer offered by default.  New users, signing up after this point, are automatically placed into per-property pricing.  Existing/older users are asked to change billing plans to the new per-property pricing or continue on usage pricing where blocked-off time and imported bookings are no longer free. During the transitional period, you'll be retained on the Legacy Usage Pricing plan.

Pricing Table

Bookings* Fee Calculated
1 - 2 $5.00 each instance
3 - 4 $4.00 each instance
5 $3.50 each instance
6 $3.25 each instance
7 - 8 $3.00 each instance
9 - 11 $2.75 each instance
12 - 13 $2.60 each instance
14 - 15 $2.45 each instance
16 - 20 $2.30 each instance
21 - 24 $2.20 each instance
25+ $2.00 each instance

*including blocked-off times, imported bookings and canceled bookings

Does All Usage Cost?

Yes.  Bookings and Blocked-Off Times are presented as separate entities in OwnerRez so that it is easy for the user to distinguish between the two when viewing or filtering data.  However, for purposes of billing, they are treated exactly the same.  If you block-off the calendar to make it coincide with your schedule, that Blocked-Of Time record will be invoiced just like any other booking.  No distinction is made between the two.

Imported bookings, or bookings that originated on a listing site or different system and are merely synchronized with OwnerRez after the fact, are treated the same as any other booking for billing purposes.  Those bookings will be added to your monthly invoice as well.

Canceled bookings are also included on the usage invoice and bookings that are canceled later on, after the invoice is generated, do not credit back on a future invoice.  If you delete a booking completely (not cancel, but delete) it will not be included on the invoice.  Delete bookings cannot be recovered, however, and their data is completely purged from the system.

Because all bookings and blocked-off times cost a fee, we highly recommend using our regular per-property pricing as it tends to be cheaper for the vast majority of users.

NOTE TO OLDER USERS: Originally, usage pricing treated blocked-off time and imported bookings as free.  This ended in December 2016 when we switched to new pricing.  If you're wondering why this ended, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to explain.

Usage Pricing Bills in Arrears

When your monthly invoice is created, on your monthly billing day, all of the bookings and blocked-off times since the previous invoice (or trial end date) are summed up and calculated against the above pricing table.  Your card on file is then charged automatically for that usage.