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Guests - Tags - Overview

Tags Overview

Tag a guest. Tag a booking. Tag a property. Make a group tag. So many possibilities!

What is a Tag? It's a badge, label or description you create for anything related to guests, bookings or properties. For example, you might want a tag for guests to show they were  or you might need one that says .  (Hope you don't need that one!)

Or when you have a booking you may want to remind yourself they want to rent your  or that they've signed up for your  experience.

You can also put tags on properties which allow guests to search your units to find one with an  or that's .

Tags - How to make them

To make your Tags, go to Settings > Workflow & Devices > Tags. Click on "Create Tag". 

On the next screen, give the Tag a name, and if you need to remind yourself about the meaning of the Tag, use the Title and/or Description fields. Then choose the perfect color and Save. (We'll talk about "Groups" a little later.)

 You'll then see your new Tag displayed on the main Tag screen.

Tags - Assigning them to bookings

Within each booking record, you will see two places to assign tags. The first is in "General Info", which is for Tags related to that specific Booking. This is where you should add Tags like "Boat Rental" or "Anniversary Gift." Things you need to know for this reservation, but which will not be needed for any future bookings with this guest. This is where you assign Booking Tags:

Tags - Assigning them to guests

If you assign a Tag to a Guest Record it will stay with the Guest's info. For example, you may want to give them that "Great!" Tag so if they want to make a future reservation you'll know right away that you want them back again. You might also assign tags to remind you they have a dog or that they were referred by someone you know. Assign the tag in the "Guest" section of a booking, or in a guest's record in the "CRM" menu under "Contacts".

Tags - Assigning them to properties

For those with more than one property, you may want to create Tags for each property to identify their location or amenities. If you have beach and mountain rentals, you could make tags for each. And then there are all the options for amenities like  or   or  .  To assign Tags to a property, go to Properties > Choose a property > Click the General Info category from the menu on the left. Under the General Info section, choose the "Change" item next to "Tags."

Tags - Using groups

When you create a Tag, you have the option of adding it to a "Group." Groups are used as part of the search bar for OwnerRez Hosted websites with multiple properties. For example, you may have properties on a lake and others which are in the mountains. You could create Tags called  and , assign those to your properties, and put them in a Group named "Location". First, you create the Group by going to Settings > Workflow & Devices > Tags. Click on the "Groups" tab and then select "Create Group". Assign the name to the Group and save.

Once you've created the Groups you want, you can place individual Tags in those groups. From the main Tags screen, select the Tag you want to add to a group, click on the empty box beside "Group" to see the list of Groups, select a Group and save.

Or, if you've made a bunch of Tags, you can use the main Tags page to quickly assign several of them to the same group. For example, in the following list of Tags, you can use the check box to pick all the Tags which represent "Amenities". Then use the "Set Group" button to assign all of them.

Tags - Filtering

You can use Tags as Filters when searching bookings, guests and properties.

Tags - Hosted website search

Once you've made your Tags and assigned them to Groups, your guests can use them to search your properties on an OwnerRez Hosted Website. If you have a variety of properties, and have assigned tags related to amenities, or locations, etc., you can decide which tags should be available for the search. Go to the Hosted Website Settings Page and select the "Home" page. On the next screen, choose "Change Settings" on the "Availability/Property Search Widget" line.

On the next screen, at the bottom, you'll see the option to select the Tag Group Filters you'd like to show to guests. Choose the filter(s) you desire. For this example, I only want to offer my Amenities as a way to search, so I've selected that check box.

Save your filter choice and this is what the search bar on your website will look like: