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Reviews - Pushing Non-Vrbo Booking Reviews To Vrbo

Have you collected lots of great reviews from your guests outside of Vrbo? Now you can opt-in to send those reviews over to Vrbo to display on your Vrbo listing! Vrbo will now show reviews from your other (non-Vrbo) bookings on your Vrbo listing if you go into your Vrbo channel integration settings and flip the switch on.

Only guest-entered reviews will show up on Vrbo. This is in keeping with Vrbo's review policy. If you go record a manual review in OwnerRez, that review will not show up on the Vrbo side. If a guest uses the OwnerRez review form to submit a review, that review will show in Vrbo.

This new feature is subject to you agreeing to a number of review policies, which are shown to you when you click the option. Please make sure to read them carefully.

If the guest leaves a review on Vrbo first, any subsequent review entered on OwnerRez will not be sync'd to Vrbo. Only one review per guest per stay, whichever review they receive first (direct to Vrbo or via OwnerRez sync) is the one they keep and display.