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Property Management - Portal Access

The Property Management module includes a user portal where you can grant access to owners, cleaners, maintenance staff etc. to view availability calendars and perform actions like blocking off time or viewing owner statements. Each user gets a separate login, and you can configure access to one or more properties or owners.

We created a video that shows you how to add portal users, configure their settings and show you how the portal area looks.  Before you read the rest of this article, take a few minutes to watch this video.

Creating Accounts and Granting Access

Everything is managed in the PM area, in the Portal Access section under Settings. To grant access, run through the following steps for each user...

First, create a user with their name and email address. When you create a user, an email will be sent to them with a link they can use to log in and set their password.

It is not possible to create a Portal Access account for an email address that already has an OwnerRez account, including Portal Access from some other OwnerRez user.

Granting Access

Initially, users won't be able to access any properties or statements -- they can only see what you give them permissions to see.

To add permissions, use the Create Access button on their user page. You'll be taken to a screen that lets you give access by owner, all properties, or specific properties, and then choose the permissions to allow:p

Choose the type of thing you want to give access to and then select what the user is allowed to see. You can give users access to one owner or multiple owners, or properties as well -- useful for staff, cleaners etc. For multiple owners, you'd need to add an access permission record for each.

Available permission levels:

  • View Calendar: see the calendar and booked/blocked dates
  • View Guest Name: see the name of the guest
  • View Contact Info: see the email and phone number of the guest
  • View Notes: see notes on the booking or blocked-off time
  • Add Notes: add notes on the booking or blocked-off time -- this can be granted separately from View so you can give access to add notes for communication but not view existing notes
  • Financials: None gives no access to financials, Owner Revenue shows only the numbers relevant to the owner, and All shows all of the total charges and payments for the booking
  • Block off time: allows the user to create a blocked-off time. It will be marked with a Owner Block-Off listing site, and you and third parties will get notification emails. You can also grant access to move/delete blocked off time.
  • View Owner Statements: if you're granting access to an Owner in the system, allowing this will let them view any owner statements that have been generated.

Admin Access

Portal Users are generally individual property owners who need to have access to the calendar and booking information for one or more properties in your OwnerRez account, but not all of them.  Most Portal Access users neither have nor need access to any of the main controls in OwnerRez outside of the calendar.

However, it is possible to delegate Admin Access to a Portal User, using a separate button on the main Portal User Settings screen.  Select the checkbox next to the user, and click the "Grant Admin Access" button.

Note that granting admin access to a Portal User gives them access to everything in OwnerRez - they basically are a clone of you.  A Portal User with Admin Access is not restricted by property or role - they can see and do everything.  Be careful with this!

There is one limit you can apply to an Admin portal account: you can hide the Reports menu.

This won't prevent them from seeing the financial information in individual bookings, but does make it less convenient for them to see all your financial numbers neatly organized and readily exported.

Managing Portal Users

Once you've configured the permissions, they'll be able to log in and see what you've given them access to.

If you want to see what they would see, use the "Log In As" button on the user page. That'll log you in to their account and you can look around and make sure you've set it up properly -- highly recommended to make sure everything is configured as you wanted:

The "Last Action" item tells you the last time the user has logged in or blocked off time. Useful to make sure they were able to get in successfully and are keeping up to date on the system.

If a user forgets their password, you can use the Send Password Reset button to send an email with a password reset link.

If you want to edit access for a user, you can drill into each permission and change it. To remove access from a user, select the access and delete it.

There is currently no way to delete a Portal Access user - simply remove all their accesses.

Multiple Owners

At present, OwnerRez does not have the ability for a single property to share multiple owners. You will need to configure a "virtual" owner, maybe in the name of the company or property, and then do your own math to split the revenues stated in the Owner Statements for that "owner."

Configure Property X with an Owner Y -- this represents the combined ownership of a property. Each month, you prepare an owner statement for Owner Y, then record two owner payouts on the statement for each individual owner -- we'll call them A and B.

Then for Portal Access, you create two separate portal access logins, one for A and one for B, both with access to that combined Owner Y.

That way each individual owner has their own login, and can see what's going on with the property.

Common Errors

💡 Note:

OwnerRez does not allow portal users to have access to multiple accounts. So if you are trying to create a portal access account, and see an error like this:

That user may already have portal access from a different OwnerRez subscriber - for instance, maybe they are a cleaner that work for multiple owners.

To give them portal access, you will have to use a different email address for them. However, if their email is a Gmail address, they can use one of several Gmail email alias methods to create "different" email addresses that OwnerRez can use for different accounts, but which will really be the same Gmail account.