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My Account - Legacy Usage Pricing

In December 2016, we rolled out a new per-property pricing plan. You can see the details on our main pricing page. All new users are being put in that plan. If you signed up before December 2016, you're on the usage pricing plan. During the transition, we've kept existing users on the original (legacy) per booking plan.

The new usage pricing plan will charge for all bookings and blocked off times regardless of source. The legacy plan only charges for bookings you create (or are created by a quote). We will be asking users to select either the new per-property plan or transition to the new usage pricing plan.

Usage Pricing is a separate billing process where your monthly invoice is calculated based on how much you "use" the system - specifically how many bookings are created during the billing period.  If no bookings are created, there is no charge and OwnerRez is free for that month.

Pricing Table

Bookings Fee Calculated
1 - 2 $5.00 each instance
3 - 4 $4.00 each instance
5 $3.50 each instance
6 $3.25 each instance
7 - 8 $3.00 each instance
9 - 11 $2.75 each instance
12 - 13 $2.60 each instance
14 - 15 $2.45 each instance
16 - 20 $2.30 each instance
21 - 24 $2.20 each instance
25+ $2.00 each instance

Does All Usage Cost?

No, for the legacy plan you are only charged for bookings you create (or are created by a quote), not blocked-off time or imported bookings.

Usage Pricing Bills in Arrears

When your monthly invoice is created, on your monthly billing day, all of the bookings since the previous invoice (or trial end date) are summed up and calculated against the above pricing table.  Your card on file is then charged automatically for that usage.