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Calendar Export

We provide iCal calendar links that let you update your listing site availability (VRBO, AirBNB, FlipKey etc.) with the latest calendar data from OwnerRez. Each listing site has a different method for this, so I figured I'd create a pictorial walkthrough of each one to reduce confusion.

You can find all of the OwnerRez public iCal links in Settings under iCal Link URL's.

We support any listing site that can accept iCal. Here are walkthroughs for some of the larger listing sites:

HomeAway (and related sites like VRBO)

  1. Log in and go to the Calendars menu in the left sidebar and select Reservations

  2. At the top right, use the property selector to select the property you want to work on

  3. Once the calendar loads for the correct property, click the up/down arrow button and select the "Import Calendar" option

  4. In the resulting window that opens, type in "OwnerRez iCal" in the Name box and paste the iCal Link URL from OwnerRez in the Calendar URL box.  Then click the Import Calendar button.


  1. Log in and go to your hosting area and your properties screen.
  2. Select a property and edit the listing.
  3. Click Availability top tabs.
  4. At the bottom, under Sync calendars, click Import Calendar:
  5. In the resulting dialog, paste the iCal Link URL from OwnerRez in the Calendar URL box and name the iCal (such as "Cabin OwnerRez Calendar")


  1. Log in and go to your manage listings screen.
  2. Click View > Calendar for the property.
  3. Click Calendar Options > Import:
  4. In the resulting dialog, paste the iCal Link URL from OwnerRez in the Calendar URL box. Make sure to check the "Auto update" checkbox so HomeEscape will do a recurring update from OwnerRez.

FlipKey (and related sites like TripAdvisor)

  1. Log in and go to the Calendar tab on the sidebar.
  2. Select a property at the top, then click "Import a calendar" under the Manage Calendar drop-down button.

  3. In the resulting screen that comes up, paste the Calendar Export Link (iCal URL) from OwnerRez in the first field where it asks for "Enter the calendar address/URL".  In the second field, give it a name like "OwnerRez iCal".

  4. Finally, click the Import button and you should be all set!